Laser Engraving on Promotional Items

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Laser engraving is a process of marking or etching the surfaces of promotional items made from materials such as aluminium and glass using high powered laser light. This branding method is the most popular option for promotional items of acrylic plastic, stone, glass, hardwood, metals, and coated metal materials.

The popularity of this method owes considerably to the fact that unlike a print, laser engraving does not wear off with everyday use. Many industries use laser engraving for promotional products such as a branded key ring, customised clock or watches, printed glass/crystal trophies, personalised business card holders, metal pens, promotional stationery, and much more.

laser engraving machine in action

How Do We Brand Using Laser Engraving?

Your promotional product is placed into our industrial laser engraving machine. The operator controls the direction, intensity, and speed of the laser beam which is then used as a pencil to trace logo or text designs onto the surface of the product. The laser removes a fine layer of the outer material so that the under material is exposed. If a promotional merchandise has a colour already applied to its surface (like, say, a metal drink bottle) then the laser simply exposes the regular metal colour underneath.

laser engraving on wood

Advantages of the Laser Engraving Method

  1. Fine! It can accommodate small, intricate designs onto a small surface area.

  2. Consistent! The accuracy of the design is rendered exquisitely using our laser machines.

  3. Fast! Laser engraving is a quick method that doesn't need drying time (unlike print).

  4. Quality! When we laser engrave we can decorate your design in extremely high quality.

  5. Permanent! Because this technique etches into the surface of the product it does not fade over time.

  6. Ideal! The perfect branding method for glass, crystal, and metal surfaces.

Disadvantages of Using Laser Engraving

  1. Limited! This technique cannot engrave large surface areas, curved surfaces, or materials such as plastic.

  2. Colourless! Laser engraving is unable to produce colour, it can only expose the existing colour of the metal/glass/crystal.

  3. Power-hungry! Laser engraving machines require a high amount of power to operate.

Common Promotional Items that are branded by Laser Engraving

  • Branded key rings
  • Promotional metal pens
  • 3D trophy awards
  • Custom clocks
  • Personalised business card holders
  • Customised glassware
  • Branded metal USBs
  • Aluminium and stainless steel bottles
  • and many more!

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Example of Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving

How to set up laser engraving?

This is done by transferring the supplied art to a computer program which tells the laser where to engrave. Repeat setups are charged because of the time it takes to setup the block that holds the product.

History of Laser Engraving

Back over 1500 years ago, people used a method of marking a text or design onto hard surfaces. Scientists then discovered that they could create a light source and focus the energy as a powerful tool to affect various materials. Albert Einstein developed the theory of radiation in 1916, development of laser technique later expand in 1950s.

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