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Promotional Massagers

Buy promotional massagers with your graphic or logo printed on them. Handheld massagers are fantastic promotional gifts for visitors to wellness centres and spas. We have a vast selection of massagers that are durable and effective at relieving muscle tension. Cubic Promote's massagers are compact and light, allowing people to bring them anywhere while constantly reminding them about your brand. Our custom branded massagers are perfect for anyone wanting to relax – it's like having a Tebo chair on the go.

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We Pad Print Massagers

We use the most advanced pad printing technology to custom print your logo or graphic onto the massager's surface. We can pad print whatever design you require with up to three solid colours. Even with constant use, the print on the massagers will last a long time.

Ideal Gifts for Relaxation

Muscle tension is one of the common problems people face daily. For example, prolonged hours of sitting in front of the computer may cause muscle tension, stiffness, or pain, while bad posture and stress also contribute to aches and discomforts.

Because massage effectively reduces these strained muscles and relieves pain and stress, massagers are the ideal gift for relaxation. They are also great freebies at trade shows and events once branded with your logo.

What is a Massager?

A massager is a tool designed to massage the body by rubbing, kneading, or patting to relieve tension or increase blood flow. Massagers are available in various styles and sizes and are often sold or given away for use in the average home.

FAQ on Massagers

Do you supply massagers with logo printing?

Yes, we supply custom massagers with your logo decoration.

What is the smallest number of massagers I can order?

The minimum order quantity for massagers is 50 units.

How do I use a body massager?

Sit the manual massager on any part of the body feeling muscular strain and apply pressure to your preferred level. If you have a lot of tension or pain you may not be able to press too hard, but even a small levell of pressure will assist in the process.

Once you have pressure on the massager, gently move it around on the sore area. The most popular movements tend to be back-and-forth or up-and-down. The ball elements of the massager will 

hen, with an easy-to-grasp handle and smooth, rounded nodes or rollerballs, thrust your desired pressure accordingly.

Are your massagers medical devices?

No, our massagers are not medical devices. The massagers in our range are intended for muscle relaxation and massage only, not medical treatment. If you are unsure about whether our massagers will be suitable for use, please discuss their usage with your preferred medical professional

How do I keep my body massager clean?

Massagers help relieve tension and pain, but since these devices are used on your skin, it is ideal to always keep them clean. Here are some ideas on how to keep them clean.

  • After every use, wipe the massager with a damp cloth to remove excess products such as massage oil, sweat, or dirt.
  • Disinfect your massager regularly with an alcohol or UV light to kill any germs that may transfer from use on the skin.
  • Due to massagers being used on the skin, we recommend avoiding sharing the devices between individuals so there's no potential transfer of bacteria.
  • Store your branded massagers in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight to preserve your custom branding from potential fading.
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