Promotional Products for the Mining Industry

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Did you know, currently within Australia, there are over 400 operating mines? Most of these mines lie within Western Australia, but each state contributes it share of minerals to Australians and the economy. Australia ranks as one of the world’s leading nations in mining. In 2009, Australia had the world’s largest resources of brown coal, mineral sands, nickel, uranium, lead and zinc.

The mining industry contributes siginificantly to the Australian economy and many of our top companies are involved in mining across the continent. At Cubic Promote, we like to help contribute to the Mining Industry by offering our support & recommendations on how the industry may be able to use promotional gifts to promote themselves to the overseas community and also its local community.

Mining Helmet for Promotional Mining Items

Why Mining Companies Use Promotional Items

In Australia, mining companies have turned to promotional products as an indispensable strategy for enhancing brand recognition and nurturing lasting relationships with clients. By offering personalised items such as branded safety gear and customised corporate merchandise, these firms foster a sense of unity and pride among their workforce. Distributing these tailor-made giveaways at industry events and exhibitions helps Australian mining companies widen their reach and generate crucial leads. In an intensely competitive sector, promotional products play a key role in boosting a company's growth, augmenting both its reputation and market presence within the Australian mining landscape.

Mining Conferences - Giveaways

Each year, there are a number of mining related conferences held internationally and domestically. We suggest these promotional items would be appropriate in handing out to your guests and targeted audiences to leave a lasting impression.

Promoting Safety

Safety products are important in every work place, but in the mining sector they are critical to everyday staff well-being and productivity. So why not centre safe practices when using promotional products for your mining business or events? Here are some suggested ideas on how safety could be promoted seriously yet with a splash of fun!

  • Safety apparel
  • Safety Reflective Wristbands
  • Printed Hard Hat USBs
  • First Aid Kits
  • Drink Bottles       

Community & Environmental Awareness

The mining sector creates many jobs for locals both within the sector and outside, from the local bakery and coffee shops to the butchers and car dealership. Mining does however create environment concerns and a good way to promote goodwill with the community is by supporting local schools and community projects. Some promotional products include:

  • Eco Friendly Coffee Cups
  • Eco Stationery
  • Reusable Bags
  • Printed Piggy Banks
  • Promotional Pens

If none of the above catch your eye then give our team here at Cubic Promote a call. We have decades of experience in dealing with Aussie mining companies so we have access to a range of exciting promotional gifts ideal for businesses in the industry to elevate their brand visibility.

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