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Promotional Mirrors

Buy promotional mirrors personalised with your company logo, a practical choice for beauty campaigns, corporate events, or thoughtful giveaways. We sell promotional products in bulk with fast delivery throughout Australia. Branded mirrors provide lasting brand exposure by integrating into users' daily lives.

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Types of Mirrors

Mirrors come in various styles to suit different needs and preferences. Here's a brief look at some common types:

  • Compact Mirrors: These are small, pocket-sized mirrors ideal for quick check-ups on the go, often used for makeup applications or facial inspections.
  • Foldable Mirrors: Larger than compact mirrors, foldable types are still portable and can stand on their own, perfect for travel or limited space.
  • Dual Mirrors: Offering two-in-one functionality, dual mirrors feature two sides, typically with one being magnified, making them versatile for detailed grooming tasks.

Ideal Case Uses

Mirrors are versatile tools that serve various purposes across different settings. Here are some ideal use cases for mirrors:

  • Fashion and Wardrobe: Used in dressing rooms or closets to check outfits and ensure proper fit and coordination.
  • Interior Decorating: Enhance the sense of space and light in a room, adding aesthetic appeal to homes or offices.
  • Dance and Fitness Studios: Help in monitoring form and posture during exercise or dance routines.
  • Professional Settings: Necessary in beauty salons, barbershops, and fashion stores for clients to view their new looks.


How do you clean mirrored surfaces without streaking?

We suggest using a small amount of glass cleaner on a microfibre cloth to achieve a streak-free finish on your mirror.

Can you supply unbranded?

Yes, we can supply bulk wholesale quantities with no custom branding.

Are these stocked locally?

Yes, these are stocked locally in Australia for fast delivery.

Can a mirror be repaired if it's cracked or broken?

Small cracks or chips can sometimes be repaired using a glass repair kit, but larger damage typically requires replacing the mirror. For antique or valuable mirrors, consult with a professional restorer to evaluate repair options.

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