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Promotional Mirrors

Buy mirrors custom printed with your graphic or logo. Portable mirrors are handy everyday items that reflect images, ensuring users can check to see if their makeup is on point or if they need to floss their teeth while on the move. Cubic Promote stocks a variety of customisable mirror sizes and styles, ideal for use in brand promotions. Our promotional mirrors are great for students, beauticians, and gym-goers alike, so no matter what your industry, you can use compact mirrors are part of your next marketing campaign. Our website price is listed in Australian dollars and excludes GST.

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We Pad Print & Direct Digital Print Mirrors

Using the latest print technology, we add your logo to bulk mirrors using either the pad print or direct digital print techniques. Pad printing is suitable for logos that use only 1-3 solid colours, while digital printing is a better choice for full-colour photographic designs. The result, either way, is an eye-catching mirror with your branding front and centre on each product.

Fast Shipping Australia

Cubic Promote stocks compact promotional mirrors here in Australia for fast decoration and delivery. We offer a standard 2-week turnaround time for orders, including delivery. If you have an urgent deadline, let us know, and we'll provide you with some express options.

What is a Mirror?

A mirror is a reflective surface, usually made of glass, that people use to reflect whatever is in front of them. Mirrors are standard in homes for personal care purposes such as hair brushing, makeup application, and flossing. In addition, many Australians take small mirrors in their backpacks or handbags to observe their appearances while on the train or bus or as handy items to use while camping.

How To Care for the Branding on Your Mirrors

Custom mirror decoration will withstand everyday use; however, to preserve your branding, we recommend you avoid scratching the print surface. Sharp impacts, prolonged sun exposure, and surface rubbing can also affect the viability of any logo printing. To remove any surface dirt, we recommend using a microfibre cloth which you can dampen with water for tough markings. Finally, allow the mirror to air dry before placing it in a bag or drawer again.

FAQ on Promotional Mirrors

Do you supply mirrors with custom printing?

Yes, we sell mirrors custom branded with your design.

What is the minimum number of logo-branded mirrors I can order?

Our lowest order quantity for logo-branded mirrors is 250 individual pads.

How do you clean mirrored surfaces without streaking?

We suggest using a small amount of glass cleaner (such as those available for glasses) on a microfibre cloth to achieve a streak-free finish on your mirror. A small amount of vinegar in water may also do the trick.

What are mirrors actually made out of?

Mirror surfaces are made from glass with an ultra-thin metal layer on the back that gives us its reflective qualities. The factory will then add a casing (either plastic or metal) to protect and store the mirror for continued use.

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