Promotional Products for Music Festivals

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What makes a successful music festival? One that has sellout tickets, star attractions, raving reviews! Throughout Australia there are over 100 upcoming music festivals in the coming months, some are annual events some are new bands /stars. Australians are fond of entertainment and music festivals, bringing family and friends together to have a good time.

Promotional Cups in Yellow, Magenta and Light Blue

Why Promote Your Music Festival With Swag?

Promotional products play a pivotal role in music festival marketing success, serving as tangible reminders of an unforgettable experience. These bespoke items, be they customised t-shirts, wristbands, or reusable water bottles, not only strengthen brand identity but also foster customer loyalty. By creating a sense of belonging amongst attendees, promotional products encourage word-of-mouth marketing, driving increased ticket sales for future events.

Moreover, eco-friendly merchandise bolsters the festival's image as a socially responsible entity, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers. In essence, promotional products are indispensable for amplifying a music festival's presence and securing its long-term success.

Using Promotional Merchandise to Bring Success

Promotional products help aid in the success of a music event, from promoting the upcoming event, to the day of the event and even after the event. How you might ask? Here is how…

Products Advertising Your Festival

Flyers and handouts are all part of printed products. The more people know about your upcoming event, the more chances you will have for a sell-out crowd. Leave a lasting impression with low cost, high volume promotional items that will give your target audiences something to remember in a couple months time. Buying tickets for a family can be expensive, and gather friends and family together may need time and planning. So promote your event early and not at the last minute.

  • Printed Flyers
  • Printed Flag Pens
  • Custom Badges
  • Printed Stickers
  • Promotional Lollipops
  • Magnets

Branded Merchandise for the Event

You’ll often find music festivals held in parks, beaches, wineries so you can mix in the mood or theme of these places with your event for a great range of merchandise that could be sold on the day.  Selling merchandise or handing merchandise as giveaways and prizes on the day makes the event memorable and also raises funds and awareness. As an attendee, it becomes a small momento of the great day out and encourages us to pencil in the calendars for next year.

  • Printed Beachballs
  • Custom Flash Drives
  • Promotional Frisbees & Yo Yos
  • T-Shirts
  • Branded Cups
  • Branded Bottled Water
  • Printed Beach Towels  

These are just a couple of suggestions on music festival products.  These events are huge and products such as these not only generate an additional revenue stream for organisers (to hopefully pump back into better acts) but also add a whole lot of ambience to what is essentially ONE BIG PARTY!

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Jasmine Liu

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