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Promotional Netball Uniforms

Buy promotional netball uniforms custom printed with your team sponsors, graphics or logo from Cubic Promote. Netball is a beloved sport in Australia and New Zealand, emphasising skill and athleticism. If you or your kids play junior or senior netball, ensure your team looks as good as the Australian Diamonds by investing in custom branded netball uniforms featuring your custom designs.

Cubic Promote will produce unique netball uniforms and bibs to suit your team's colours and style, from tops to socks, using high-quality materials perfect for the sport of netball. Our website prices exclude GST and are listed in Australian dollars.


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We Customise Netball Uniforms

Netball uniforms come in a diverse range of styles. Custom printed dresses and skirts are common in women's and girls' competitions, but in unisex teams or for anyone not keen on the classic skirts/top combo, shorts are also a popular option.

Cubic Promote makes all of these pieces of clothing for netball teams using quality materials and our sublimation print technique, which is perfect for crafting an eye-catching all-over print design that you'll see on most players in the Super Netball comp as well as local players.

What Are Netball Uniforms?

Netball uniforms are clothing worn specifically for playing netball; they usually consist of tops, shorts, or skirts (or a combination thereof)—either long-sleeved/shorts/skirts or short-sleeved/shorts/skirts – depending on individual style preference or weather conditions at play. They are designed with comfort, movement and protection in mind so that players can concentrate solely on their performance without worrying about discomfort or overheating due to uncomfortable attire while still protecting themselves from blunt force contact during match play.

Cubic Promote sells a range of customisable uniforms that allow teams to further personalise their kit colours, fabrics and cuts according to their own style preferences - giving each member of the squad a sense of pride when wearing it both on and off the court! Best of all with our decoration techniques your sponsors can be displayed on local and national club uniforms making them ideal for cross-promotion on a local or national level.

Perfect for Kids' Community Netball Clubs

If you have a child keen on playing netball at a junior or senior level, then their community club will need quality netball uniforms from Cubic Promote. We have a wide variety of junior senior netball skirts, shorts, dresses, and tops, in sizes to suit players of all sizes and ages.

Bevause we sublimate netball uniforms from top to bottom in full-colour you can be sure your team design will look outstanding, as will any club sponsor logos or ads you choose to add. So get your team looking their best and they'll be ready for regional and state competitions in no time at all!

Features Of Netball Uniforms

Our range of netball uniforms caters to all tastes - from classic designs to modern styles - so there’s sure to be something that suits your needs perfectly. Our fabrics are lightweight yet durable, so they won’t weigh you down on game day; plus, they come in a variety of colours so you can easily match them with your team’s branding or club colours.

Every uniform whether dresses, skirts, or shorts is made with breathable materials, which helps keep players cool during intense matches and matches with wider weather variations. All skirts, shorts, and skorts also come with handy pockets so players can safely store any essentials they may need.

One of the unique features of netball uniforms are the bibs which showcase a player's position and can be switched amongst the team depending on who is playing attack, defence, etc. during the game or training. Our netball bibs are vibrant and showcase all the traditional positions while looking distinct enough to catch the eyes of anyone watching from the sidelines.

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