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Promotional Nike Caps

Buy authentic Nike caps custom printed with your graphic or logo in Australia. Nike caps make high-value promotional gifts for any Aussie who likes heading outdoors, whether for work or leisure. Cubic Promote stocks a wide range of Nike brand caps that fit comfortably and look incredible.

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About the Brand

Nike is a global leader in sportswear and lifestyle fashion. Originating in the United States, they set the standard for innovation and design worldwide. They are known for their commitment to excellence, Nike outfits athletes and style enthusiasts in Australia and globally, offering products that elevate performance, comfort, and style across various activities, from professional sports to everyday streetwear.

Caring for Nike Caps

To maintain the quality and appearance of your Nike caps, consider the following care tips:

  • Always follow the care instructions provided on the tags of your Nike caps to ensure optimal maintenance.
  • For spot cleaning or minor stains, prepare a solution of water mixed with a small amount of laundry detergent. Gently scrub the affected area with a toothbrush, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Washing should be done ideally in cold water to prevent any damage or shrinkage.
  • To dry, place the cap on a head-shaped container or vase. This helps in retaining the cap's natural shape during the drying process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply Nike caps with logo decoration?

Yes, we sell authentic Nike caps with your custom branding.

Are your products stocked locally in Australia?

Yes, our products are stocked locally in Australia, allowing for quick and reliable shipping across the country.

Do Nike caps have different sizes?

These caps are unisex and adjustable, so they easily fit most adult head sizes. If you need help with sizing or fitting, please speak to our friendly sales team for assistance.

Can Nike caps be embroidered with custom designs?

Absolutely, Nike caps can be customised with embroidery, offering a durable and sophisticated option for featuring your logo or design.

How can I ensure the colour of my logo stays vibrant?

To maintain the vibrancy of your logo, we use high-quality embroidery and printing techniques designed for longevity. Additionally, following the proper care instructions for the cap will help preserve the colour and integrity of your custom design.

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