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Promotional Paper Notepads

Buy paper notepads custom printed with your unique graphics or logo. Paper notepads are a classic promotional gift ideal for university students, office workers, and conference attendees alike. We carry a wide array of lecture pads including those made right here in Australia from quality local paper pulp. Our custom lined notepads are a cost effective option for event gift bags or o-week student packs. So whether you're working at the Australian National University or you just want to keep track of phone numbers to call back in your office, these paper notepads are a great option.

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We Custom Print Paper Notepads

Using world-leading digital print technology, the Cubic Promote decoration team will add your logo or graphic onto each page of your paper notepads. Our digital printing is performed locally and ensures your logo will be accurately represented on your lecture pads, along with standard lines to encourage neat writing. The result is a wholly unique set of paper notepads with professional logo decoration viewable on all pages. All listed prices exclude GST.

A Popular Event Gift

Paper notepads are a very popular option for festivals, expos, and conferences as they are lightweight, affordable, and can encourage visitors to your event to take notes. Notepads are also popular for students at lectures, as the simple lined pages and lack of heavy cover make them easy to use for jotting notes. No mater what occasion you have coming up, paper notepads are sure to enhance your guests' experience.

What is a Paper Notepad?

Paper notepads are stacks of lined paper sheets held together by glue at the top or side. Like notebooks, notepads are used for taking down written notes via pens/pencils, but paper notepads are different because they do not have front covers and tend to only have a backing card instead. Paper notepads therefore cost less money to produce and weigh less than most notebooks, making them a popular option for event giveaways.

For other low-cost options, check out these custom branded sticky notes.

FAQs on Paper Notepads

Do you supply paper notepads with custom printing?

Yes, we print your custom logo on each page of paper notepads via digital printing. If you require multiple designs there will be an additional charge per design.

Do you supply notepads with no custom printing?

Yes, we can supply paper notepads that feature lines only and no custom branding. Simply let us know you want ruled-only notepads upon ordering.

Do you deliver Australia wide?

Yes, we deliver notepads to any Australian location.

What is your standard delivery time?

The standard delivery time for custom paper notepads is 2 weeks from when you place your order. We can despatch lined notepads with no custom decoration from our warehouse within 24-48hrs for urgent requests as well.

Are you based in Australia?

Yes, we are an Australian company based in Sydney NSW.

How To Care for the Branding on Your Notepads

Because paper notepads do not have covers we recommend using something like a custom compendium for transport between home and office. Paper notepads are also vulnerable to damage from spilled drinks or the rain if left exposed, so always be mindful of shielding them from liquids to avoid permanent damage to your notes. If your notepad does get wet leave it to dry in a warm place to minimise any running of ink. Overall our custom notepads are great everyday writing essentials that serve their purpose well.

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Coloured Paper Notepad

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