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Promotional Paper Notepads in Bulk

Buy paper notepads custom printed with your unique graphics or logo. Paper notepads are a classic promotional gift ideal for university students, office workers, and conference attendees alike. We carry a wide array of lecture pads made from quality local paper pulp. Our custom lined notepads are a cost effective option for event gift bags and student events. 

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A Popular Event Gift

Paper notepads are a very popular option for festivals, expos, and conferences as they are lightweight, affordable, and can encourage visitors to your event to take notes. Notepads are also popular for students at lectures, as the simple lined pages and lack of heavy cover make them easy to use for jotting notes. No mater what occasion you have coming up, paper notepads are sure to enhance your guests' experience.

Ideal Case Uses

Promotional paper notepads are a classic and effective marketing tool, offering practical utility and consistent brand exposure. Here are some ideal use cases for these notepads:

  • Corporate Offices: Customised notepads for employees and visitors enhance brand visibility and professional appearance.
  • Trade Shows and Conferences: Giveaway notepads to attendees, providing them with a useful tool for notes and a reminder of your brand.
  • Educational Institutions: Branded notepads for students and staff can promote school spirit and organisation.
  • Healthcare Clinics: Prescribed for patients and healthcare providers to facilitate communication and appointment reminders.
  • Retail and Services: Custom notepads at checkout counters or service desks for customers to jot down products, services, or follow-up notes.


What sizes do notepads come in?

Notepads can range from small pocket-sized pads to larger desk pads, with common sizes including A4, A5, and A6.

What paper quality is used?

It can vary from standard office paper to high-quality writing paper, depending on the intended use and budget.

Can they be eco-friendly?

Yes, notepads can be made from recycled paper or sustainable sources, and some use inks and adhesives that are environmentally friendly.

Are there different types of binding available for notepads?

Common bindings include glue at the top or side, spiral binding, or perforated pages for easy removal.

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