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Promotional Novelty Pens

Buy novelty pens custom printed with your logo or slogan. Novelty pens are a great way to raise awareness for charities or to draw the attention of children due their unique appearance. Cubic Promote supplies a huge assortment of fun pens including pens with included banners, pens with fluffy tips, pens with badges, and oversized novelty pens. Make an impression at your next trade show or marketing event with novelty pens featuring your logo branding. Whether you're raising money for the Cancer Council or just trying to make an impact during university o-week, these pens make a great option.

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Memorable and Unique: Personalised Novelty Pens

Novelty pens are unique and memorable, making them perfect gifts for students and anyone who enjoys fun and creativity. Ideal for trade shows, these pens grab attention and can significantly aid in promoting your company or brand.

Ideal Case Uses for Branded Novelty Pens

Novelty pens are not just writing instruments; they serve multiple purposes:

  • Giveaways: Ideal for trade shows, conferences, or marketing events to capture attention and promote brand recall.
  • Gifts for Students: Perfect for making school work more enjoyable and encouraging creativity and writing.
  • Office Stationery: Add a fun twist to the workplace, brightening up desks and lightening the mood.
  • Event Party Favours: Great as unique gifts for party guests, adding a playful element to celebrations.
  • Collectibles: Appealing to collectors of quirky and unusual items, novelty pens can be sought-after collectibles.

Explore our range of promotional pens that can be customised with your company logo or graphics. 

FAQs About Custom Unique Pens

  1. What makes a pen a "novelty" pen?

    • Novelty pens are distinguished by their unique designs, themes, or functions that go beyond standard pens. They can feature unusual shapes, vibrant colours, and special effects (like light or sound), making writing a more fun experience.
  2. Can these be personalised for events or activities?

    • Yes, they can be customised with logos, messages, or designs, making them excellent tools for promotions, corporate events, or personal celebrations. 
  3. Can they be used for regular writing tasks?

    • Despite their unique appearances, novelty pens are designed to be functional for daily writing activities.
  4. Do they come in eco-friendly options?

    • Absolutely! There's a growing selection of novelty pens made from sustainable materials and designed to be refillable, minimising their environmental impact. These eco-friendly options offer a guilt-free way to enjoy unique and fun writing instruments.

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