Orientation Day Branded Gifts Ideas

O-Day! More than anything it is about attracting students.  There are always a thousand and one things going on at orientation day in universities and colleges around Australia.  Getting attention and getting the right attention means you need to get your marketing right.  During orientation day clubs, societies and faculties essentially are in a fight to get members to sign on.  More than ever there are so many core university faculties and associations such as:

-  Department faculties recruiting students into courses
-  Religous clubs
-  Sporting clubs
-  Social clubs
-  Activity clubs
-  Hobby clubs

all wanting to get attention from new students or perhaps appeal to existing students.  The good thing about orientation days though is that freebies always attract attention.  Having a nicer orientation day gift that is nicely branded attract even more attention.  So why not consider giving a gift when you sign on a new student.  It would make your activity more desirable and it would definitely make the day for that particular student who would more than likely then refer a friend.

To add to the ambience of things we would recommend having a uniform of some sort and even a bbq to attract customers.  When it comes to merchandise though here are some great ideas which we know will rock because they are simply fun products that students will absolutely love.

Notebooks & Branded Diaries

What are absolute essentials for students?  Keeping your timetable and your social life in order of course.  Other than that then it is simply hard studying.  Consider promotional notebooks and custom branded diaries.


diaries odaynotebooks oday

Promotional Toys

The title says it all - promotional toys.  Many students are kids that have left highschool.  Even if they are working adults it still will not make a difference.  Everybody loves toys and these will be an absolute hit.
promotional slinky oday article

Branded Gifts to do with Iphones and Smartphones

These amazing gadgets are everywhere which makes these especially appealing to tech savvy students.  Check out our promotional smart mobile phone products.


smartphone gifts oday

Customised Bags

Make your new members to your university group walk around campus in pride with a bag.  Get a reallly really groovy bag that is genuinely stylish and not only will they love it but others will see your University faculty or club all the time too.


orientation day bags

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