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Promotional Plastic Bottles

Buy custom-printed plastic drink bottles featuring your graphic or logo. These bottles are BPA-free, lightweight, and shatterproof, ideal for everyday use. Personalise them to keep your brand visible at all times.

Cubic Promote has been a trusted supplier for over 18 years, catering to the needs of over 4,500 Australian businesses annually. Our high-quality promotional products are a testament to our dedication to excellence. With our commitment to sustainability, we are proud to be one of the few carbon-neutral companies in the country. 

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Consider Custom Branded Plastic Water Bottles for Marketing

Water bottles feature a large branding area visible to the user and passersby. Water bottles typically can be found on desktops and backpacks around Australia. The opportunity for some incredible marketing value exists with plastic bottles. This is your category if you are a business or an Australian organization needing brand name or messaging exposure.


FAQ on Printed Water Bottles

  1. Do you supply plastic bottles with logo printing?

Yes, we sell drink bottles with your logo printed on them. Depending on the complexity of the design, we can use pad printing or screen printing to print a simple logo or text in 1-3 colours. For full-colour complex design, we can use digital print for a photo quality print finish.

  1. What is the smallest number of branded water bottles I can order?

The minimum order quantity for printed bottles is 50 units.

  1. Do you sell Australian made plastic bottles?

Yes, selected styles of drink bottles in our range are made in Australia.

  1. Are all your plastic bottles BPA free?

Yes, all of our water bottles are completely BPA free regardless of material.

  1. What makes plastic bottles into sports bottles?

Sports bottles are typically squeezable plastic drink bottles with a screw top or flip top cap for ease of use. A water bottle that can be considered a sports bottle should allow the user to squeeze the body for easy access to the liquid inside with minimal need for fiddling around. These drink bottles can be spotted in use by the NRL, AFL, and other national football leagues but they'e also a popular water bottle choice for cyclists and gym-goers too due to their simplicity.

  1. Can you supply bottles unbranded?

We supply unbranded bottles in bulk wholesale volumes at lower prices.

  1. What's the best way to clean my branded plastic bottles?

The best way to clean the plastic water bottles is by hand washing in warm water using a mild detergent. Untwist and take out the cap, and soak all parts in the water and dish washing detergent solution. Remove the bottle from the water and use a bottle cleaner to scrap the inside body and around the rim, then rinse the bottle body in warm water. Secondly, take the cap out from soaking, and use a sponge to clean the cap surfaces inside and outside. Next, use a scraper to scrape out stubborn dirt. Then rinse the cap with warm water. Lastly, leave both cap and bottle air dry upside down. Enjoy your clean and safe water bottles! We recommend cleaning out your drink bottles using this method regularly to avoid build-up of bacteria from regular use.

  1. Can Bottles Hold Hot Liquids

We do not recommend plastic bottles to carry warm or hot liquids for safety reasons.

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