Plastisol Transfer on Promotional Items

What is Plastisol Transfer Branding?

Plastisol transfer branding is a cost-effective decoration method that blends the quality colour branding of a screen print with the speed and accuracy of a digital print. How is this possible? Well, plastisol transfers are an indirect decoration method - we print your design onto special transfer paper before we apply heat and the design adheres to your custom product. Why is this such a great option for decoration? Normal screen printing involves setting up a screen and using a mix of messy inks; it can also be incredibly time-consuming as you need to physically press and distribute the ink on each unit, then wait for it to dry. Plastisol transfer branding removes the need for messy ink application, streamlining the process for maximum results.

a plastisol transfer on a shirt

There are two major types of plastisol transfer based on their method of application;

  • Cold Peel/ Cold-Split: Applied with a heat press and paper is not removed until the ink has cooled. Cold-peel transfers are quite stiff and have a characteristic smooth or glossy look. They have excellent opacity and are popular on athletic uniforms.

  • Hot Peel/ Hot-Split: When applying, the transfer paper is removed immediately after the heat transfer press is opened. They are almost indistinguishable from a direct print when properly applied.

What are the Advantages of Heat Transfers?

  1. High-quality edge definition on rough or textured fabrics looks excellent on fabrics.

  2. Design can be printed in bulk but only applied to products when required and doesn't require time-consuming setups.

  3. Multiple logos of different sizes can be printed at once eliminating extra setup costs.

  4. Quality print that is clear and crisp adhered firmly using the heat transfer process.

What are the Disadvantages of Using Transfers?

  1. Extra costs are involved as the process requires more materials overall than some cheaper methods.

  2. The print itself has a distinct plastic-y feel to it, so it's only suited to isolated designs, not for use on an entire shirt or sweater.

  3. Exposure to hot irons can damage transfers prints if care is not taken.

An Example of Plastisol Transfer Printing

The below cap is one we've branded for a client featuring a complex and unique logo design. It helps the cap to stand out and is more eye-catching than a simple screen print design.

plastisol printing

What Promotional Items Do You Brand Using Plastisol Heat Transfers?

This technique is particularly well suited to decorated headwear and clothing, including;

How We Decorate Products Using Transfers

Below are some worthwhile videos showing the process involved with branding promotional products using a plastisol transfer technique.

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