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Promotional Pocket Notebooks in Bulk

Cubic Promote specialises in supplying a variety of pocket notebooks, custom printed with your brand's graphic or logo. These small notebooks and notepads are perfect for tradespeople, students, and professionals who need to jot down notes on the go. Our range includes an assortment of compact and convenient pocket notebooks, each customisable with your unique branding. 

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Small Notebooks vs. Notepads

The key difference between small notebooks and notepads lies in their binding: notebooks are bound along the side with front and back covers, while notepads are typically bound at the top. Both styles are equally effective for note-taking; the choice between them depends on your preference for style and functionality. Our team can provide more insights into the differences and help you select the best option for your promotional merchandise.

Ideal Use Cases

Promotional pocket notebooks are a compact and convenient tool for branding and marketing. Here are some ideal use cases for these handy items:

  • Corporate Events: Handy for attendees to take notes during conferences, seminars, and meetings.
  • Marketing Giveaways: Perfect as part of a promotional swag bag at trade shows, exhibitions, and product launches.
  • Customer and Client Gifts: A thoughtful and practical gift that keeps your brand in the hands of your audience.
  • Educational Tools: Useful for students and educators for quick notes, reminders, or scheduling.
  • Retail Merchandising: Sold or given away in stores as a branded item that customers can use daily.
  • Employee Stationery: Equip your staff with branded notebooks to reinforce corporate identity internally.


Can pocket notebooks be customised?

Yes, they can be customised with logos, designs, and text, making them great for promotional or personal use.

What types of paper are used?

They can come with various types of paper, including lined, plain, dotted, or grid, catering to different writing and drawing needs.

Are pocket notebooks durable?

They are designed for durability, featuring sturdy covers and quality binding to withstand daily use.

Can pocket notebooks be recycled?

Depending on the materials used (such as paper type and cover material), pocket notebooks can often be recycled, though components like metal bindings should be removed first.

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