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Promotional Unique USB Flash Drives

Buy unique promotional flash drives printed with your business graphic or logo. Unique branded USBs are a fantastic promotional item; their practicality makes them highly suitable for all industries from Finance to Media, schools and councils. We also carry a wide range of eye-catching styles that you can choose for your promotional USBs. Our USBs have high-quality Grade A memory chips that possess different memory capacities so you can pick the memory capacity for your promotional flash drives that best suits you and your clients’ daily needs. Our unique flash drive styles range from a gold bar suitable for investment firms to a syringe ideal for hospitals and pharmacies. We can also custom-make your branded USBs in the shape of your logo. We also have flash memory drives at 3.0 speeds available for certain styles too, simply contact our team to learn more!

All USB flash drive pricing is subject to daily fluctuation due to variances in chip demand. We cannot guarantee pricing until we provide you with an up-to-the-minute personalised quote. This is why prices are not currently listed below.

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We Print and Laser Engrave Unique USB Styles

We expertly brand your logo onto the flash drives using the latest pad printing and laser engraving technology. If you select the metal style flash drives for your branded USBs, we recommend laser engraving to ensure the longevity of the branding. For plastic casing USBs, if you choose this style for your promotional USBs then we recommend up to 3 colour pad printing to preserve the custom branding. Epoxy domes are another form of decoration method that is available in certain novelty styles and dramatically enhances the appearance of your brand.

We also offer promotional USB C flash drives in different styles and colours. Check them out now!

What is a Unique USB Flash Drive?

Unique USB Flash Drives are USB memory storage devices that come in novelty shapes and styles. While the internal workings of these drives are the same as standard rectangular USB keys, these unique storage devices may come as mini figurines, pill capsules, wine bottles, pegs, or building blocks. The unique offerings enable to you tailor the style to your marketing brand. For instance, Energy Australia may consider light up style USB, whilst Penefolds may choose to custom brand on Wine Bottle USB.

Take a look at these stress balls or promotional pens if you want another unique and attention-grabbing promotional item option.

How to Dry a Wet USB Memory Key

Have you accidentally dropped your flash memory drive into a sink or toilet or spilt a glass of water onto it? Consider this handy tip to get you out of your mess.

  1. First, shake and use an absorbent towel to wipe excess water from the wet memory drive.
  2. Then, place some uncooked rice, any type, into a small plastic bag and place the USB into the bag. The rice absorbs the moisture from the USB.
  3. Lastly, allow the flash drive to dry at room temperature for a few days. Do not try to use it when it is still wet.
  4. Once dry, use as normal. Your USB should work, and if not, you will need to purchase a replacement.

FAQ on Unique USB Styles

Do you supply unique USB flash drives with logo printing?

Yes, we supply custom branding on our unique USBs. If you are unsure which type of branding method is best suited for your promotional USBs, talk to our sales team as they can advise you on the most suitable option depending upon your chosen style.

What is the smallest number of unique USBs I can order?

The minimum order quantity with decoration on our unique range of flash drives is 50 units.

Do you supply USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 memory keys?

We stock USBs using USB2.0 as standard. However, we do offer the option of USB 3.0 at a premium. The difference between the two is the transfer of data speed. The USB 3.0 uses newer technology and transfers ten times faster than its previous model.

However, whilst the new technology is faster, it comes at a higher price. So when deciding which one to order, consider how you are using the USBs and their intended audience.

Can I get unique USB Flash Drives made entirely to order?

You can bulk order a custom mould USB drive made to your specifications and design. Speak to our sales team about your needs, and we will offer you the best possible outcome. Prices and turnaround times will vary according to your design.

Creative or Cute Customised Memory Drive Colours

Some of the cutest and most creative USB keys in the world are available in this category. In the off chance you cannot see what you are looking for, or merely would like something that is created just for you then ask us. We create new designs and casings for thumb drives virtually every day. Our experience is your confidence.

When you purchase a unique flash memory drive consider having a matching printed mousepad delivered with your order so you can create a gift pack for your guest. Please note all prices shown on the website are exclusive of GST.

Buy Cheap USB Pocket Drives in Bulk

You may be surprised, but our range of great memory drives is not all that expensive. We buy bulk and pass on the savings to you. So you can be assured of receiving a top quality product at low prices each and whenever you order. Our minimum order quantities begin at 50 pieces. Enquire today for the best price; our prices change every 24-48 hours.


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