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Promotional Calico Bags Custom Printed with your Logo

Buy calico bags custom printed with logos or designs on them. The cotton bag is a fantastic promotional item aimed at anyone who needs to carry things around, from shoppers to event attendees. We stock a wide array of calico bags that are made from natural material and are all very durable. Our custom branded calico bags are for those who want a sustainable and reusable carry bag for shopping and giveaway purposes. Check out our Buying Guide Calico Bags for tips and ideas!

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We Screen Print & Digitally Full-Colour Print Bags

All calico bags can be screen printed or digital full-colour printed with company logos using the latest print technology. Screen printing can accommodate designs of up to 3 colours printed on the bags. We can use the digital full-colour printing technique for more colourful or complex designs, and the print result will look very nice and professional.

Fast Shipping in Australia

All our calico bags are stored in warehouses across Australia for fast decoration and delivery to your location. The standard production time for calico bags is 5 working days, plus transit time. If you have an urgent deadline let our team know and we'll work towards it.

What is a Cotton Calico Bag?

Calico is a textile cotton fabric with a plain woven. Cotton is often considered natural material, making a calico bag more eco-friendly than a disposable plastic bag. Usually, people use half bleach or non-bleach cotton fabric to make the calico bag. Calico bags are widely used as reusable shopping bags or carry bags because they are extremely durable.

Natural Material Gifts

Calico bags are an excellent option as a giveaway or gift bag. Calico bags are made from natural, renewal resource which makes them more environmentally friendly than disposable plastic bags. Calico bags also come in a natural cotton colour, which a lot of people like because of their rustic appeal. Many organisations and businesses, from St. George Bank to Christian Dior, now utilise cotton bags as with-purchase gifts or giveaway items at events because they provide the brand with repeated exposure while also proving useful to the recipient.

Custom branded compact umbrellas are also a great versatile promotional item for shoppers.

How to Care for Calico Bags

Unbranded calico bags are safe to wash in the washing machine and dry in the shade within a ventilated area. Printed calico bags are best suited to handwashing, as the intense movement in a washing machine can damage the design on the bag.

FAQ on Cotton Bags

Do you supply calico bags with logo branding?

Yes, we sell cotton calico bags feauring your custom designs.

What is the smallest number of calico bags that I can order?

The minimum quantity of calico bags is 50 units.

Are all calico bags a natural colour?

We have natural colour bags and cotton bags like red, blue, black, pink, and green bags total of 13 different colour options available. However, not all bags feature these colour options so check with our customer care team to learn what colours are available for your preferred style.

Can you print on both sides of cotton bags?

Yes, we can print on both sides of the bag with the same or different designs. Print colours can be different on each side. We can also customise the brand tag inside the bag for orders over 5000 units through oversea production.

Calico, A Natural Eco Choice

There is no promotional bag more kind to nature than Calico Cotton which is used to create your bag. Cotton is naturally grown and the unique thing about it is that it grows very quickly. It is a renewable resource and is not hampered by scarcity. When your bag eventually reaches the end of its useful cycle cotton will break down in landfills much more readily than synthetic materials such as non-woven or nylon materials. Cotton bags are therefore a decent option for the environment If it is an Eco Green product you need for your event, you cannot look past cotton calico bags.

Our customised jute bags are another versatile and eco-friendly choice for your recipients' shopping needs.

Amazingly Strong as a Promotional Bag

Calico cotton bags are incredibly durable yet at the same time extremely light. It is no co-incidence that calico bags have been used as bags to carry huge massive volumes of library books for decades in Australia. If you were worried about holding a conference with lots and lots of material and having a bag that will stretch out of shape (or worse still totally break), then these sturdy cotton calico bags are the best option for you.

Note that we also carry Jute Bags. A Jute bag is similar in nature to cotton except that we spin these particular bags from a type of vegetable fibre. It is made from a newer material than traditional calico bags and is stronger too. Expect a Jute bag to be slightly more expensive and slightly heavier in weight.

Coloured Dyed or Natural Coloured Bags

Calico bags are available in natural cotton colour or with the fabric pre-dyed using coloured inks to create a lovely coloured bag. We have bags in blue, green, red, yellow, white or black.  The most appealing colour customers choose to go with is the natural-looking option. Natural coloured cotton calico bags typically have little to no bleach through the fabric which creates a bag that looks natural and comfortable.

For natural bags expect to see a tinge of grey or brown through the fabric as well as small little specs of what looks like grey dust through the material of the bag. This look is typical and can be anticipated for these bespoke units. Most people find this down to earth inconsistency in colour very appealing as it makes these bags unique from one another making no two bags the same.

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Fast Shipping Australia Wide
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