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See Australia's most popular range of mugs and cups exquisitely branded with custom logos each and every time. We are the experts when it comes to custom branding mugs with graphics and logos. With a combined experience of over 50 years, our friendly sales team has the capability and expertise to ensure your mugs get printed and delivered to you quickly and with the minimum amount of fuss.

Customised Kiln Fired Mugs and Cups

When we brand your logo, we ensure that your branding and images will look good year after year. You see we do not merely just print onto the surface of the cup, but we also fire them in a kiln using high temperatures. The kiln firing process will make your logo durable to everyday wear and tear as well as regular washing.

Dishwasher Safe Branding on Your Order

We use a combination of techniques in kiln firing including hire or low firing. This method ensures your logo design not only looks good but stays looking good. Repeated washes using a dishwasher will not affect your print. Trust Cubic Promote to brand your mug correctly and well each and every time.

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What is a Promotional Mug?

A promotional mug is a sturdy cylindrical-shaped container or cup that you drink liquid from (usually hot). Mugs have a handle which makes holding more convenient for the user, and the large size of the mug means the exterior is perfectly suited for custom branding. We usually make mugs from a material such as ceramic or porcelain, but we can also make them from metal or plastic. You can see mugs with unique printing in homes and offices across Australia, as they are a very popular merchandising option.

Types of Kiln Fired Printed Mugs

Other than plastic mugs, regular mugs are available in 2 different varieties of finish. In order from the cheapest to the most premium options they are:

Ceramic Branded Mugs - Cheap and Popular

We make our ceramic mugs from clay. Because clay is a plentiful and readily available material, it is cheap to utilise in manufacturing and produces excellent results. Ceramic mugs tend to feel heavier than Porcelain or Bone China, and the finish isn't as articulate or refined. You can tell a mug is made from clay by running your finger across the base of the unit, which will feel slightly rough. This cup material is the most attractive and popular option as it provides you with the most cost-effective cup possible.

Bone China Mug or Porcelain - Luxury Branded Mugs

Bone China is an excellent premium choice for those seeking luxurious mugs. Porcelain mugs boast a similar pedigree and are also popular with premium buyers. We make these cups from Kaolin as well as a soft porcelain paste comprised of bone ash and feldspathic material. The mug typically has a shiny lustre on the surface, which differentiates it from the duller surface of the ceramic mugs. As porcelain is exceptionally strong, mugs made from this material do not need to be as thick as ceramic. Porcelain mugs are therefore much lighter and more refined, making them extremely durable when compared to regular ceramic kitchen mugs.

Tips on Cleaning Your Decorated Cups

Unfortunately, it's a fact of life that old mugs and cups can stain with extended use, particularly for drinkers of tea or coffee. Ceramic mugs, with their rough surfaces, are rather susceptible to this staining. The easiest way to clean off these markings is to use bi-carbonate soda. The process is quite easy. Use equal amounts of water and equal amounts of bi-carb soda. Combine these two together to create a paste. Dab the paste using a cloth and rub the cup. Your stains will fade where detergents would have failed. The results are worth it, with your favourite old printed cup having a new lease on life!

Buy Mugs Australia Wide In Cartons with An Option of Gift Boxing

Our mugs come delivered in cartons. We recommend ordering in increments of a dozen. Containers that store products by the dozen allow us to securely pack the product with a minimal amount of space for movement. When packed securely the mugs and cups will have a smaller chance of breaking when in transit. If you intend to use your drinkware as a gift, then ask about our gift boxing options. Some of our mugs come with a basic gift box. For a nicer gift box, please enquire. Check out our Buying Guide for Mugs and Gift Sets

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