Supplier Profile: Promotherapy

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Supplier Background

Situated in gorgeous Noosaville, Queensland, Promotherapy emphasises custom products that soothe the mind, body, and soul. The business has been serving wholesale consumers since 2003 and is a well-known member of our industry association, APPA.

When clients want locally produced custom gifts made from natural materials, Promotherapy is often our first choice. They craft an unbeatable range of body lotions, bath products, and aromatherapy gifts made with a mix of local ingredients right here in Australia. Promotherapy also has access to a range of finely crafted overseas items such as emery boards and turmeric blends that are second-to-none.


Available Range

The diverse range of products from Promotherapy includes

Bath bombs, soaps, body wash, bath salts, coffee scrubs, candles, personal lubricants, body lotions, emery boards, body sprays, promotional lip balms, condoms , promotional hand sanitisers, dental floss, natural insect sprays, loose leaf and bagged teas, organic matcha, and more!

All of these products come complete with your custom branding either through a direct pad print in up to 3 colours on the product's surface, or via a direct digital print or label in full, photographic colour. The decoration on Promotherapy products is ideal for businesses and events keen on large-scale marketing as well as personally labeled gifts and party favours.

The Best Occasions for Promotherapy Products

Promotherapy products are ideal for things like gift baskets (including work-from-home and welcome packs), parties (birthdays, weddings), and traditional brand promotion through marketing merchandise (logo-printed items for distribution at events). Promotherapy also has a large assortment of products made from natural and local ingredients, making them a fantastic choice for environmentally-conscious consumers all year-'round.

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What Cubic Promote Can Do?

Because Promotherapy is a wholesale producer of custom gifts, end consumers can't order from them directly, but they will deal with other promotional items experts such as Cubic Promote. Our team does all the organisation work for you, from providing pricing for your items including any customisation you require. Then, we work on artwork proofing and liaising on the production of your order with the Promotherapy team.

Cubic Promote will also deliver your order directly from Promotherapy's Noosaville warehouse to any address in Australia. Rely on Cubic Promote and Promotherapy for your next order of specialised custom gifts celebrating Australia's body, mind and spirit.

Final Thoughts on Choosing Promotherapy Products

Promotherapy is a great choice for those looking to create custom gifts made with natural materials. Their diverse range of products, from bath bombs and body lotions to promotional condoms and dental floss, allows customers to find something that fits their needs perfectly. For added convenience, Cubic Promote can handle all the organisation work for you - from pricing your items including any customisation required through to artwork proofing and liaising on production with the Promotherapy team. With these services available, plus delivery directly from Noosaville warehouse anywhere in Australia, it's no wonder why so many people choose Promotherapy as their go-to supplier of specialised custom gifts celebrating Australia’s body, mind and soul!

Order Promotherapy Products from Cubic Promote

To organise your own obligation-free quote from Cubic Promote for any of the items in the Promotherapy range, give our team a call today on 1300 858 288.

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Author Profile: Charles

Charles is the owner/operator of Cubic Promote. Charles has over 15 years of experience in the promotional product industry, making him an expert on not only the products in our range but also marketing strategy implementation and the industry as a whole. Visit him on LinkedIn.

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