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Promotional Hand Sanitisers

Purchase promotional hand sanitisers custom printed with your organisation's logo, emblem, or slogan, ideal for aiding in disease control and the spread of infections such as Covid-19. Our custom printed hand sanitisers are excellent promotional items, highly effective in preventing the spread of germs. Stocked in a variety of sizes, lid styles, and alcohol percentages, they adhere to CDC guidance and health body recommendations. Personalised hand sanitisers are perfect for keeping people germ-free in public while simultaneously increasing your brand exposure.

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Advanced Printing Techniques for Branded Hand Sanitisers

We utilise the industry's leading printing technology to customise your bulk hand sanitiser Australia. Options include pad printing for simple logos or text in a single colour, digital printing for full-colour logos directly on the bottles, and digital labels for full-colour coverage of the bottle's front. Each method ensures your brand stands out on every branded hand sanitiser bottle.

Visualising Your Custom Printed Hand Sanitisers with Our Digital Mock-Ups

Envision the impact of your brand on custom printed hand sanitisers with our complimentary digital mock-up service. Our expert graphic design team creates a visual representation of your personalised hand sanitisers. This service allows you to preview the potential of your branded hand sanitisers before finalising your order.

To ensure that our promotional hand sanitisers meet your standards, we offer the option to request unbranded hand sanitiser samples. For a nominal delivery fee, you can physically examine the quality of our custom printed hand sanitisers, assessing their packaging, durability, and design.

Assurance of Quality with Pre-Production Samples of Bulk Hand Sanitiser Australia

At Cubic Promote, your satisfaction is our priority. We provide pre-production samples of your custom printed hand sanitisers, allowing you to review and approve the design and quality. This step, for a minimal fee, ensures that the final product perfectly matches your expectations.

Artwork Expertise for Vibrant Custom Printed Hand Sanitisers

For vibrant and sharp branding on your hand sanitisers, we recommend submitting logos in vector format. If your logo needs conversion to a suitable format, our design team is available to assist for an additional fee, ensuring your logo looks professional on every personalised hand sanitiser.

Rapid Customisation and Delivery Across Australia

Our bulk hand sanitiser Australia is ready for customisation with your logo. With a standard turnaround of 2 weeks, including delivery to most metro locations, we ensure timely distribution. For urgent needs, we offer a 3-day production turnaround.

What Are Hand Sanitisers?

Hand sanitisers are liquids or gels formulated with ingredients like vitamin E or fragrance-free options to kill germs and keep skin soft. They are convenient alternatives to soap and water, ideal for use during commutes, shopping trips, or busy events. Australian standards require sanitisers to have at least 60% alcohol content for effectiveness.

The Ideal Portable Gift - Promotional Hand Sanitisers

Custom branded hand sanitiser products, available in sizes like 30ml, 60ml, and 100ml, are perfect for on-the-go hygiene. With options like carabiner lids or spray bottles, our mini hand sanitiser bulk range is frequently used by individuals like tour guides, tradespeople, and security personnel.

FAQs on Personalised Hand Sanitisers

Do you provide branded hand sanitiser with custom logo printing?

Yes, we offer personalised logo printing on custom printed hand sanitisers, with full-colour digital labels being the most popular option.

What is the minimum order quantity for mini hand sanitiser bulk?

The minimum order for bulk hand sanitiser Australia is 100 units. We can also provide them unbranded or with a generic label for smaller orders.

What alcohol percentage do your personalised hand sanitisers have?

Our hand sanitisers range from 60% to 75% alcohol content. Let us know your preference, and we can advise accordingly.

Do you offer scented mini hand sanitiser bulk?

Yes, we have scented options available, such as Aloe Vera and Lemon.

How to Apply Promotional Hand Sanitiser

  1. Check the expiry date on the tube or bottle.
  2. Squeeze a small amount onto your hands and rub together until dry.
  3. Reapply as necessary, especially in environments where health and safety are paramount.

Occasions for Promotional Hand Sanitisers

Promotional hand sanitisers and bulk hand sanitiser Australia are versatile for various occasions, making them an effective marketing tool:

Corporate Events: Enhance hygiene and brand presence at corporate events with mini hand sanitiser bulk.

Health and Wellness Campaigns: Promote health and safety with personalised hand sanitisers.

Community Events: Increase brand visibility at community gatherings with bulk hand sanitiser Australia.

Trade Shows and Expos: Attract attention with uniquely custom printed hand sanitisers.

Educational Institutions: Provide students and staff with personalised hand sanitisers for improved health practices.

Client Gifts: Personalised hand sanitisers make thoughtful and practical gifts for clients.

Product Launches: Introduce new health or wellness products with custom-branded hand sanitisers as part of promotional campaigns.

Organisations Who Use Our Promotional Hand Sanitisers

Hand sanitisers have been popular in various industries and organisations - Hospitals | Doctor's Surgeries | Nursing Clinics | Dentists Offices | Surgical Centres | Optometrists | Gyms | Wellness Centres | Primary Schools | Preschools | Daycare Centres offices, and more!

Why Choose Cubic Promote for Your Bulk Hand Sanitiser Australia?

Cubic Promote is your go-to provider for bulk hand sanitiser Australia. Our mini hand sanitiser bulk range offers a practical and effective way to promote health and safety while showcasing your brand. With our fast delivery, a range of customisation options, and adherence to health standards, we ensure your promotional hand sanitisers effectively meet your marketing and public health needs.

Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to quality and service means that any issues with your promotional hand sanitisers, whether in quality or defects, will be promptly addressed. We aim for your complete satisfaction with every mini hand sanitiser bulk order.

Image for digital label printing on hand sanitiser.

Applying Promotional Sanitiser Step One Applying Promotional Sanitiser Step Two Applying Promotional Sanitiser Step Three

You can also watch a full video on the process here:

Organisations We've Supplied Hand Sanitisers To

We've found hand sanitisers particularly popular with the following industries and organisations - Hospitals | Doctor's Surgeries | Nursing Clinics | Dentists Offices | Surgical Centres | Optometrists | Gyms | Wellness Centres | Primary Schools | Pre-Schools | Daycare Centres | High Schools | Universities | Colleges | Public Service Offices | Public Transport Offices | and more!

Image for digital label printing on hand sanitiser.
Hand Sanitiser with Carabiner

Hand Sanitiser 100ml

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