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Promotional Rock Candy

Buy rock candy custom printed with your graphic or logo design. Rock candies are hard and tasty treats ideal for giving out at a promotion or event. Cubic Promote stocks a wide variety of rock candy styles, colours, and flavours to suit almost any important function. Whether you're after unique lollies for a school orientation week, a product launch, a wedding, or a conference, you'll love these fully customisable Aussie made snacks. Reach out to our sales team to know more about our customised range of products.

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What is a Rock Candy?

Rock candy is a type of confectionery made from heated sugar syrup before being shaped into tasty snack-sized pieces. Sometimes called hard candy or boiled candy overseas, here in Australia rock candy tends to refer to rounded lollies with a colourful outer that come in all sorts of sweet flavours. Here at Cubic Promote our rock candy is a popular addition to busy events so that organisers and stall holders can highlight and promote their brands.

Available Flavours

We have a variety of flavors you can choose including:

  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon
  • Orange
  • Passion fruit
  • Lemon/lime
  • Apple
  • Peppermint

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply rock candy with logo branding?

Yes, we supply rock candies in a customised print of your logo decoration, you can pick between a single or multi-colour print.

What is the minimum order required?

The minimum quantity of rock candy we can supply is 50 units for large promotional jars and 100 units for small jars and pillow packs.

Do you make your rock candy in Australia?

Yes, we make our rock candies to order right here in Australia.

What packaging options are there for rock candies?

You can choose from cello bags, pillow packs, jars, and boxes, for rock candies. If you're after an eco-friendly option we recommend kraft paper bags.


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