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Promote your business or event using custom branded mp3 players featuring your logo from the team at Cubic Promote. Smartphones might be all the rage, but you'd be surprised how many people still use an mp3 player to listen to their favourite music and audiobooks needing to be attached to their phone all the time. Digital music players look amazing once decorated with your design and their battery, and sound quality is top-of-the-range. Order bulk portable music players for your next event or corporate giveaway today.

How Do Bulk Orders Boost Your Brand?

We encourage bulk orders so that you get the most bang for your buck. Bulk orders come at a significant discount for you and ensure that the greatest amount of people will see your brand. Think of these Mp3 players as mobile forms of marketing! We customise these Mp3 music players with your logo with either pad printing or laser engraving to ensure that people will always recognise your brand.

Express Australian Delivery to Your Events

We ship all around Australia. We can even make arrangements for your business address or the location of your next event. Our Mp3 players come fully kitted with the essential standard accessories, including earphones and a USB charging cable, making them perfect for out of the box use. If you want your event participants to jam out, this is the perfect promotional item.

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30 Items

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File Compatibility

All our Mp3 players are compatible with the following audio files: .mp3, AIFF, .wav, .AAC, FLAC, AIF. If you are unsure if your audio file can be played through our Mp3 players, please send us an inquiry.

Operating System Compatibility

All our Mp3 players can be connected to computers that run the following Windows operating systems: Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. Apple Operating System is also supported for Mac 10 - 10.7, OS 10.8 - 10.11.

Use Mp3 Music Players as a Flash drive

Did you know that your Mp3 music player may easily double up as conventional flash drive to store data? An Mp3 player and a USB flash drive share many similar components. To use as a memory device just connect a USB cable to your computing device and the unit to recognise it as an external memory drive. Then use it regularly to back up and to save your valuable documents. Make your Mp3 player a low priced USB memory option!

Accessorise Your Promotional Mp3 Player

Want to style your Mp3 player to the next level, check out these additional accessories: 

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Advantages of a Custom Branded Mp3 Players as a Promotional Item

The advantage of using a dedicated music player as part of your corporate merchandise mix is that it is both unique and functional. The kind of product your recipients will enjoy utilising.

  • An Mp3 player is extremely compact (more compact than a smartphone)
  • Portable music audio players have a higher amplification output which means audio sounds better
  • Cubic Promote can even pre-load music and audio files for you
  • High value, high visual appeal means an Mp3 player will not be disposed of, leading to increase branding exposure for you
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