Product Tips for Different Industries

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Different industries have different events, audiences and business requirements. Here at Cubic Promote we get that what might suit one industry, might not suit another. That's why, to make things easier, we've put together this list of products popular with a variety of Australia's leading industries. Simply select the industry you're in and check out the custom branded products best suited to what you and your recipients do!

Product Tips by Industry

Industries That Use Promotional Products

Promotional products have long been a popular marketing strategy utilised by businesses from an array of industries. These branded items help organisations establish a strong presence, foster customer loyalty, and drive brand awareness. Let's explore some of the top sectors that greatly benefit from promotional merchandise.

Events and Exhibitions

Trade shows and conferences provide an excellent opportunity for companies to showcase their products and services. Bespoke promotional items like lanyards, tote bags, and pens serve as functional reminders of the event and reinforce brand recall.

Hospitality and Tourism

Hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies use branded items such as keychains, coasters, and luggage tags to create a memorable guest experience. These souvenirs not only act as tokens of appreciation but also encourage repeat visits and positive word-of-mouth.


Hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies often utilise promotional products to promote a sense of care and professionalism. Branded merchandise like hand sanitisers, pillboxes, and stress balls highlight health and well-being while keeping the organisation's name at the forefront.


Schools and universities employ promotional items like notebooks, pens, and clothing to foster a sense of belonging and pride among students, staff, and alumni. These products strengthen the institution's identity while also serving as useful tools.

Non-profit organisations

Charities and NGOs rely on promotional merchandise to raise awareness about their cause and boost fundraising efforts. Items such as wristbands, badges, and t-shirts can help amplify their message and cultivate support.

Promotional products are a versatile and powerful tool embraced by industries far and wide. By selecting the right items, companies can significantly enhance their brand visibility and foster strong, lasting connections with their audience.

Ideas by Industry

If you want specific ideas related to your industry don't worry, we have some fantastic ideas on the following pages:

If you're in the education industry never fear, we have a huge assortment of products perfect for teachers and students all over the website!

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