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Promotional Chinese New Year Gifts

Buy Chinese New Year gifts with your custom logo or design. These gifts are an important part of seasonal celebrations. Promote your business to locals and tourists alike by providing promotional Chinese New Year products featuring your logo branding from Cubic Promote. Your recipients will appreciate getting items such as custom red envelopes, printed lanterns, and unique knotted decorations with your corporate or community message branded on them in bulk.

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Who Do We Recommend This For

Promotional New Year gifts are a thoughtful way to start the year on a positive note and are ideal for:

  • Valued Clients: Show appreciation for their business and strengthen relationships for the coming year.
  • Dedicated Employees: Reward their hard work and commitment, boosting morale and loyalty.
  • Potential Customers: Make a memorable impression and set the stage for future engagements.
  • Business Partners: Reinforce collaborative ties and express hopes for continued success together.
  • Event Attendees: Provide a tangible reminder of your brand or event at New Year celebrations and gatherings.

Custom Luxury Branding on Traditional Gifts

Red and gold are two of the most important colours associated with Chinese New Year, and Cubic Promote offers a fantastic range of custom printed merchandise in these colours with deluxe custom decoration. 

We make red packets with your logo printing, or for an added touch we will gold foil your design. Wow your clients and peers with promotional branding in colours promoting fortune and good luck. If you don't see exactly what you're after here, contact our sales team, and we will work with you on a completely custom design.


What are popular gifts for Lunar New Years?

Traditional and culturally significant items like custom red envelopes (hongbao), tea sets, calligraphy sets, and themed merchandise featuring the zodiac animal of the year are popular choices.

How can businesses incorporate their branding into these gifts?

Businesses can customise gifts with their logo alongside traditional Chinese New Year elements, ensuring the design respects cultural significance while promoting their brand.

When should promotional Chinese New Year gifts be distributed?

It’s customary to distribute them in the lead-up to Chinese New Year or during the celebration period, which lasts up to 15 days from the new year's first day.

Are there eco-friendly options?

Yes, many suppliers offer sustainable gifts like reusable items, eco-friendly materials, and products that contribute to environmental conservation, aligning with the growing trend of green gifting.

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