Products for Street Fairs & Markets

One of the positive aspects of having local councils and community groups is that we run great street fairs and markets.  Every week local food markets and street fairs add fun and colour to the community.  We have worked with quite a few councils and community groups over the years for events, some which lasts a full day whilst others for an entire two months.

We have some great ideas for choosing products that will appeal.  Generally choosing products for street fairs and fetes fall into 2 general categories.  Firstly products used to promote the event and secondly merchandise that is used during the event itself.  Here are some ideas we have for you:

1)  Marketing Products To Promote a Fete or Fair

Using promotional products to advertise your upcoming event is simple and easy.  Combine your efforts with social media channels, local papers or radio to really get your message out.  Choose products that are low in cost to allow you mass distribution.  Ideas we have for you include:

-  Pamphlets
Lollies or lollypops
Sticky Note Pads

2)  Product Ideas To Use During the Event

For products to use and to distribute during the event think about if you would like to use them to raise funds for a charity or if you simply wanted enhance your participants experience at the event.  Some great ideas we have include:

-  Lollies
Hand Clappers
-  Ponchos
-  Torches (for night time events)
-  Sunscreen

If you opt for these types of products you cannot go wrong.  If however you were after products that enhances the theme of an event why not consider things like:

-  Chocolate Eggs (for easter)
-  Fruit Stress balls (for organic food markets)

If you have a particular themed Fair or Fete why not contact us for specific ideas!

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