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Bulk buy promotional sunscreen featuring your design on the label from Cubic Promote. Our SPF 50+ sun creams and lotions make ideal gifts for conferences, sports events, and marketing campaigns. Australians love the outdoors and sunny weather so it makes sense to invest in a promotional product that helps product them from damaging sun exposure. Our range of personalised sunscreens look amazing once branded with your logo and will nourish and protect your recipient's skin. Associate your brand with a safe, reliable product that is sure to be used when you order custom branded sunscreens from Cubic Promote.

We Brand in Full Colour or Single Colours on Sunscreen

Our sunscreen can be customised with your branding and images using digital CMYK print or by using pad printing. Get your design branded on these helpful and handy promotional products. 

Australian Certified UV Protection, SPF 50+

Our customisable sunscreen products meet Australian standards and are of a minimum SPF 30+. We also stock a range of SPF 50+ products, so please feel free to enquire about customising sun lotions with additional protective factors. We do not sell cheap import options that don't meet Australian retail standards. You can be confident in the quality of sunscreen you purchase through Cubic Promote.

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What is Promotional Sunscreen?

Promotional sunscreen refers to a lotion or gel that, when applied to the skin, helps absorb or reflect the sun's harmful UV rays. Without sunscreen, skin is damaged by sunburn and can wrinkle early, or may develop cancers such as melanoma due to exposure to UVA radiation. Here in sunny Australia many organisations like to purchase custom branded sunscreen to give out to visitors or staff, ensuring they stay protected at events. Small logo printed sunscreen packs also make cost-effective gifts with the added bonus of promoting smart skin care.

The Benefits of Personalised Sun Cream in Australia

Sunblock cream is a fantastic promotional item to brand with your logo because it is a product with proven preventative uses against sun damage, including cancer such as melanoma. Australia, in particular, is prone to the sun's harsh rays, and when you combine this with our national love of the outdoors, it becomes vital for Aussies to utilise sun lotions. Associate your brand with trusted, high-quality sun creams by branding your logo on promotional sun products from Cubic Promote.

How to Apply Promotional Sunscreen

  1. 1) Ensure your customised sunscreen is within date (sun block products only last 2-3 years in storage) and doesn't contain any allergens that could impact you (try testing it on a small patch of skin 48 hours in advance).

  2. 2) Squeeze a nice, coin-sized dollop of sunscreen onto the area - it's important to use plenty of sunscreen and not just a scant amount. More is better in this case!

  3. 3) Rub gently into the skin until the stark white of the cream is no longer visible.

  4. 4) Re-apply every 2-3 hours or after swimming.

Applying Promotional Sunscreen Step One Applying Promotional Sunscreen Step Two Applying Promotional Sunscreen Step Three

The History of Customised Sun Lotions

While early civilisations used basic plant elements to protect their skin from the sun's rays for thousands of years, it wasn't until the early 20th century that modern sun lotion became available for commercial use. It seems fitting too that one of the first commercial sunscreens was developed and produced by an Australian company. The first outwardly effective modern sunscreen was sold in the late 1940s, with an estimated SPF factor of merely 2. These days, sunscreen has been refined to provide a high protection factor against the sun's harmful UV rays (SPF 30+, 50+), in addition to being wonderfully water resistant. Sunscreen makes for a great product to gift to Aussies, particularly those keen on outdoor activities. Recent studies have shown that sunscreen helps prevent & slow the development of wrinkles and skin sagging, so there is a beauty element to the appeal of sun lotion products as well! If health, beauty and well-being are important to your brand's image, then you can't go past branded sunscreen as a promotional item.

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