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Promotional Tape Measures

Buy tape measures custom printed with your graphic or logo. We carry a wide range of tape measures made with different materials for different purposes. So whether you work as a foreman at CPB Contractors, a dressmaker or simply want to be accurate on the measurements of your prototype, then these tape measures are a great choice.

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We Pad Print and Digitally Print in Full Colour

We expertly pad print your brand or logo in up to three colours onto the surface of the tape measures using the latest pad printing technology. Alternatively, we can decorate them with your logo in full-colour digital print if you prefer. The finished product is a tape measure professionally printed with your company logo boldly displayed on the front. In addition, some tape measures can be branded with a full-colour sticker label or full-colour epoxy doming.

Fast Delivery in Australia

Our tape measures are stocked right here in Australia, and they are ready to be personalised with your logo. Our standard turnaround time is 2 weeks, including delivery. However, if you require the products sooner, please let us know at the time of order, and we should be able to accommodate with a 3-5 day production turnaround time.

What is a Tape Measure?

A tape measure is a household tool that individuals use for measuring size or distance, often during construction or craft activities. Tape measures are portable and flexible and can be made out of various materials. Depending on what you need the tape measure for there are a variety of size and style options perfect for the health conscious, crafters, and home handymen alike!

Soft Tape Measures

These are used to measure physical bodies such as your waist. Perfect for tailors and those involved with fashion, they're ideal for measuring people, garments or items where a high degree of flexibility is necessary to measure accurately.

Hard Tape Measures

Usually made from soft, flexible aluminium, these are tape measures that are more durable. Perfect for trade professionals and handypeople. Best suited for measuring larger areas and are the best option for measuring physical locations without a lot of bends and curves.

FAQ on Tape Measures

Do you supply tape measures with logo printing?

Yes, we supply tape measures with your custom branding. We can print directly, apply a sticker label or do epoxy doming on them.

What is the smallest number of tape measures I can order?

The minimum quantity of tape measures we can supply is 100 units.

How do I safely operate tape measures?

Whenever you measure an object, always secure the blade by simply pressing it or holding it tightly. Use the locks if you need to keep them still longer. Slowly retract it after every measure you make. Blades returning quickly might swing and goes out of control. Do not forget to wear protective equipment.

Be wary when working near electrical wires, and remember that metal blades are highly conductive and may cause electric shock. When not in use, secure them on your tool belt, especially when working on a ladder, roof, or any other elevated area.

Do you provide gift boxes for tape measures?

Yes, some of our tape measures are individually boxed. We can also do a fully custom gift box that can be branded with your logo/design.

Logo Imprinted Tools For Promotions

Personalised Tape measures are not just for tradies - they're very popular for professional and commercial use across various industries. We design our tape measures to be robust and easily customised with your logo design. We have tape measures starting from 80cm through to 8 metres. No matter the situation, we have a tape measure to match. If you do not see what you are after, then call us, and we may even be able to create a custom design just for you.

We can also supply these ranges of logo branded tool kits, some must-have items for your customers for a great deal!

Soft Tape Measures With Your Logo

A soft tape measure is typically used to measure waistlines or fabric, and we make ours from durable laminated nylon. While hard tape measures are suitable for promotions catering to handymen and work sites, soft tape measures are perfect for event campaigns targeting obesity or health as well as a great item for gyms. However, in a retail environment for both customers and sales staff, they are also fantastic. For example products like T.V or furniture or even clothing retailers can benefit from having a mini pocket custom branded tape measure.

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Tape Measure


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