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Promotional Toys

Promotional Toys

Buy fun toys that both adults and kids will love branded with your logo. All the toys you see in this category comply with all applicable Australian laws and regulations for safety. Purchase them branded with your logo with confidence. If you do not find the fun toy that you are looking for, please contact our friendly team as chances are we can source it for you.

Pad Printed With Your Logo

We know that toys typically go through harsher treatment than regular promotional items. They are after all tossed and thrown around of course. We ensure that our toys are well branded, usually by pad printing (sometimes through engraving or by labeling) to ensure that your brand will look continue looking good after extended use by making sure that we use the best printing processes and inks available. Please note all prices shown on the website are exclusive of GST. Check out our: Buying Guide Toys

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The Ultimate Product for Sharing

We believe toys are a perfect item for marketing use. Unlike other products toys are more fun when shared. Toss a nerf ball, throw a frisbee or bounce a toy to your friend, relative or office pal means that your branding will be exposed to not just the recipient but also to anyone that wants to share a good time with them too. Effectively this doubles your marketing exposure.

Branded Toys Great for Fund Raising

As a fund raiser, toys have always been very popular because they appeal instantly the moment they are seen. Get your custom branded toy in a range of bright colours and you can essentially be assured that your event will have an instant cheer factor. Another reason why they are so popular as fund raising items, is that their perceived value is exceptionally high. This means you can sell them at higher prices to achieve more funding revenue for your charity.

We recommend buying your brandable toys in a range of different colours. It does not cost any extra and allows you to get some really nice colour and excitement to your event.

As Interactive Corporate Toys

Toys that require a bit more thought are perfect as corporate gifts. The amount of interaction that your brand will have when your guest is focusing on playing around with your product cannot be underestimated. If you want a product that will provide you with a huge amount of exposure and an even great level of attention to your label then toys are the perfect way to go.

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