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Promotional Toys

Buy toys custom branded with your graphics or logo. Toys are fun and eye-catchy giveaways ideal for young audiences at events, in businesses, or as part of fundraising activities. Cubic Promote stocks an extensive range of colourful and amusing toys, all of which meet Australian standards. Our customised toys branded with your logo are perfect gifts for all ages. Our custom branded plushes, bubbles, and classic games are ideal for enhancing exposure for your child-friendly event or campaign. So whether you're a daycare centre or the local Ronald McDonald House, these items are a great option. Please note all prices shown on the website are exclusive of GST. Check out our Buying Guide for Toys.

Our Top 3 Best Sellers
Promotional Slinky
Promotional Slinky
Priced from
AU 2.90
Fold Out Magic Square Cube
Fold Out Magic Square Cube
Priced from
AU 5.30
Custom Playing Cards
Custom Playing Cards
Priced from
AU 13.53
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We Pad Print and Digitally Full Colour Print

We use the latest pad printing technology to ensure that your branding will look vibrant and last long on the surface of the promotional toys. We can also use full-colour, digital printing to make your logo or graphic design more dynamic or to accurately represent a photographic print on your toys.

Fast Shipping in Australia

Cubic Promote can deliver quickly to your location. Our standard delivery time for branded promotional toys is 2 weeks from the placement of your order. For an even faster delivery lead time, contact our team, and we can discuss how soon we can deliver your order! Cubic Promote delivers to everywhere in Australia including QLD, VIC, NSW, TAS, SA, NT, WA, and ACT.

What is a Toy?

A toy is an product made for entertainment and play, usually amongst children but some toys may also be suitable for adults. Traditional toys tend to be miniature versions of things from the greater world, like planes and cars, or dogs and horses. Custom toys can also include fun activities like bubble blowers and noise makers. Promotional toys are a great way to connect with your audience by providing a fun and memorable experience with your brand logo on a toy item.

Fun Gifts for Kids

Our promotional toys are ideal giveaways at any child-related events. Have your brand be associated with fun and excitement that will create a memorable experience for kids. Bring out the best in every child with our wide range of promotional toys. We have both recreational and educational toys that you can choose from—perfect gift ideas to bring a smile to every child’s face.

Our custom printed coin banks and promotional puzzles are terrific goodies for kids as well. 

FAQ on Custom Toys

Do you supply toys with custom printing?

Yes, we supply toys that can be custom printed with your logo or any graphic design.

What is the smallest number of toys I can order?

The minimum order of promotional toys we can supply is as low as 25 pieces depending on the type of toy you choose.

Are your toys suitable for all ages?

Age suitability depends on which type of promotional toy you will choose. Our friendly staff can assist you in identifying which items will perfectly match your target age group.

What toys are popular with adults?

With our vast range of different promotional toys, we also cater to the adult age group. We have poker sets and puzzle cards to make your game night more exciting, boomerangs and frisbees for fun outdoor activities, and even stress putties to help your mind relax from a stressful day in the office.

Do you stock any Australian-made toys?

Yes, we have Australian-made toys available such as boomerangs, accessories, and papercraft. Speak to our friendly team for information on our local toy options.

Perfect Products for Sharing

We believe toys are a perfect item for marketing use. Unlike other products, toys are more fun when shared. Toss a nerf ball, throw a frisbee or bounce a toy to your friend, relative or office pal means that your branding will be exposed to not just the recipient but also to anyone that wants to share a good time with them too. Effectively this doubles your marketing exposure.

Branded Toys for Fund Raising

As a fund raiser, toys have always been very popular because they appeal instantly the moment they are seen. Get your custom branded toy in a range of bright colours and you can essentially be assured that your event will have an instant cheer factor. Another reason why they are so popular as fund raising items is that their perceived value is exceptionally high. This means you can sell them at higher prices to achieve more funding revenue for your charity.

We recommend buying your brandable toys in a range of different colours. It does not cost any extra and allows you to get some really nice colour and excitement to your event.

Interactive Corporate Toys for Events

Toys that require a bit more thought are perfect as corporate gifts. The amount of interaction that your brand will have when your guest is focusing on playing around with your product cannot be underestimated. If you want a product that will provide you with a huge amount of exposure and an even great level of attention to your label then toys are the perfect way to go.

Image for pad printing  on Slinky

Coloured Slinky

Image for full colour print on plush toy shirt.

Plush toy

Image for full colour label print on kids bubbles.

White Bottle Bubble

Image for full colour digital printing on playing cards.
Deck of Cards

Round Playing Cards

Image for full colour printing on Dice Game Set
Dice Game Set

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