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We sell promotional toys, custom printed with your company logo. Our range of products from plush animals to puzzles is great for family-oriented businesses, educational programs, and event giveaways, providing a tangible connection between your brand and fun.

With Cubic Promote, you get promotional products that are not only engaging but also produced responsibly, reflecting our ongoing commitment to quality and the environment.

Our Top 3 Best Sellers
Promotional Slinky
Promotional Slinky
Priced from
AU 3.26
Fold Out Magic Square Cube
Fold Out Magic Square Cube
Priced from
AU 6.00
Custom Playing Cards
Custom Playing Cards
Priced from
AU 15.35
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Types of Custom Branded Toys

Explore our treasure trove of custom toys, designed to cater to every age and interest:

  • Recreational Toys: Inject fun into daily life and events.
  • Educational Toys: Combine learning with play, enriching young minds.
  • Coin Banks: Teach financial saving in a fun way.
  • Puzzles: Challenge and entertain with thought-provoking fun.
  • Poker Sets: Add sophistication to game nights.
  • Frisbees: Perfect for outdoor activities and events.
  • Stress Putties: Provide relief and relaxation.
  • Bubbles: Bring joy and light-heartedness to any occasion.
  • Temporary Tattoos: Offer a fun, non-permanent way to showcase your brand.
  • And more, ensuring there’s a playful option for every marketing strategy.

Branding Techniques for Personalised Toys in Bulk

  • Full Colour Printing: Ideal for vibrant and detailed designs, making each toy a visually captivating promotional piece.
  • Laser Engraving: Best for durable, precise, and premium-looking branding on wooden and metal toys.
  • Pad Printing: Versatile for applying logos and messages on various toy surfaces, ensuring a lasting impression.

Product Recommendations

Custom toys are an excellent way to connect with a diverse audience and leave a lasting impression. Ideal for various sectors, they can be used to:

  • Businesses: Enhance branding with playful elements.
  • Schools and Daycares: Engage children in educational play.
  • Pediatric Services: Create a comforting atmosphere for young patients.
  • Event Planners: Offer memorable keepsakes at family-friendly events.
  • Companies Targeting Families: Appeal to parents and children with fun, interactive promotional items.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Printed Toys

Can custom toys be branded with any logo?

Yes, custom toys can be branded with various logos or graphics using methods like full colour printing, laser engraving, or pad printing to reflect your brand identity effectively.

What types of custom toys are available?

We offer a range of custom toys, including recreational toys, educational toys, coin banks, puzzles, poker sets, frisbees, stress putties, bubbles, and temporary tattoos.

Are these toys safe for children?

Yes, all our toys comply with safety standards and regulations to ensure they are safe for children to use.

Can I order custom toys in small quantities?

Yes, we accommodate orders of various sizes, including small quantities, to meet different needs and budgets.

How long does it take to deliver custom toys?

Delivery times vary depending on the quantity and customisation requirements, but we strive to fulfil orders promptly and efficiently.


Image for pad printing  on Slinky

Coloured Slinky

Image for full colour print on plush toy shirt.

Plush toy

Image for full colour label print on kids bubbles.

White Bottle Bubble

Image for full colour digital printing on playing cards.
Deck of Cards

Round Playing Cards

Image for full colour printing on Dice Game Set
Dice Game Set

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