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Buy baseball caps custom printed with your graphic or logo. Baseball caps make amazing giveaway gifts for corporate events as well as additions to uniforms. We carry an extensive range of baseball cap designs and colours, all with a 5-panelled casual style cap and a pre-curved visor. Our custom-designed baseball caps are a smart way to promote your business. Whether they are for sports fanatics, fashionistas, or simply want to wear a cool cap like Steve Smith, these timeless classic caps are the perfect gift.

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We Screen Print, Embroider & Digitally Full Colour Print

Using the latest screen printing, embroidery and digital full-colour print technology, we expertly add your unique designs onto the front panel baseball caps. Screen print is suitable for adding 1-3 solid colours onto the cap while digital full-colour transfer and sublimation printing allows us to add full photographic colour prints to each cap.

Embroidery is a premium decoration option that involves us stitching your design into the cap using thread for a long-lasting decoration that will turn heads. Regardless of which technique you choose, the result will be an order of nicely branded caps with your logo emblazoned onto the front panel.

Fast Delivery in Australia

We stock caps in warehouses across Australia so that we can brand and deliver them within 5 working days to most locations. The delivery time to capital cities on the east coast of Australia like Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane is 1-2 working days on top of the branding time. A longer delivery time of 5 working days or more is required for west coast capital cities like Perth. If you need caps urgently for whatever reason let our team know and we will work towards your express deadline.

What is a Baseball Cap?

A baseball cap is a piece of headwear with a firm visor and soft, comfortable body that sits on the head. Baseball caps can be adjustable (with a strap at the back) or fitted (cannot be adjusted) and are usually made from cotton, polyester, or hemp. Baseball caps were popularised in America as part of baseball uniforms, with the front of the cap being used as space for brand advertising for the team.

Modern baseball caps wearers may be sports people or just people out for a jog or working in the sun. Baseball caps are also fashionable and popular across almost every demographic you can imagine. The baseball cap is unisex and has been used as a fashion accessory by popular brands like Supreme, Nike, Prada, and Dior.

Give Caps as Custom Gifts

Baseball caps are such a popular choice for men, women, and children of all ages that organisations often use caps printed with logos or messages for brand exposure. Beause baseball caps can be worn for years and considered fashionable, a branded cap makes an ideal gift for boosting your marketing reach. Whether you use baseball caps as part of event gift bags or if you give them to new enrolments at your school, you'll see them being readily accepted as unique gifts.

Baseball caps can also be on-sold to others so they can use them as gifts. Not only does this give your brand exposure, it helps create an additional income stream. Some examples of this are the "Vaxed" caps sold during the COVID crisis as well as the caps available to puchase for visitors at places like Werribee Zoo, Taronga Zoo, Movie World, and Dreamworld.

How to Care for Branded Baseball Caps

To clean baseball caps using hand-washing try the following:

  • Soak your cap in cool, clean water with a couple of drops of mild laundry detergent for 5-10 minutes.
  • Make sure the cap is completely submerged.
  • Remove the cap and clean it with cool water thoroughly.

FAQ on Baseball Caps

Do you supply baseball caps with logo printing?

Yes, all the baseball caps can be printed or embroidered with the company logo or messages.

What is the smallest number of baseball caps I can order?

The minimum number of branded caps you can order is 25 units.

Do you have other branding techniques for baseball caps?

Yes, other branding techniques we can use on the caps include 3D embroidery, patches, woven fabric, and stickers on the beam. Speak to our team if you'd like to use any of these additional branding techniques to really make your caps stand out.

Can you make unique baseball caps with custom colours?

Yes, for orders over 500 caps, we can customise the cap to your design and desired colour. The whole production process will be performed oversea for custom made caps. The general turnaround time will be 10 weeks.

Do baseball caps have sizes?

No, baseall caps are unisex items designed to be one size fits most. These days the majority of baseball caps come with an adjustable back strap to ensure that they can be fitted comfortably to most heads.

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