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Promotional Rocketbook Notebooks

Buy Rocketbook notebooks custom printed with your graphic or logo. These notebooks offer a traditional note-writing experience on reusable pages that can seamlessly integrate into a digital experience via a free app. Cubic Promote stocks Rocketbook notebooks that we decorate with your personalised logo design, making them an ideal gift for conference attendees, busy university students, or high-achieving corporate peers. If you're after an innovative notebook that takes conserving paper seriously, you'll love promotional Rocketbooks. 

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Ideal Case Uses

Rocketbook notebooks, known for their innovative blend of traditional note-taking and digital technology, offer versatile uses:

  • Eco-Friendly Note-Taking: Perfect for individuals and businesses focused on sustainability, as their reusable nature reduces paper waste.
  • Tech-Savvy Professionals: Ideal for professionals who want to digitise notes for easy sharing and organization while still enjoying the traditional pen-and-paper experience.
  • Students and Academics: Useful for students and educators to compile, organise, and share notes and lectures digitally without losing the tactile feel of writing.
  • Creative Professionals: Great for designers and artists who sketch ideas and want to transfer their work digitally for further editing or archiving.
  • Meeting Minutes: Efficient for business meetings to capture discussions and actions, with the ability to sync notes to cloud services instantly.
  • Research and Development: Beneficial for R&D departments to keep track of innovative ideas, progress, and changes in a dynamic, accessible format.

How to Use an Authentic Rocketbook

Want to know how to master the basics of Rocketbooks? We've got you covered.

  • You can take notes in a Rocketbook like any other notebook; however, Rocketbooks are only reusable when paired with a pen from the Pilot FriXion range. Use one of these pens to write on the pages, and you can use a damp cloth to remove the ink later, fuss-free. Do not use any chemicals or cleaning agents to remove ink.
  • Rocketbook files can integrate with Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, Evernote, Microsoft Onedrive, Box, and more. To make the most out of your Rocketbook's digital functions, we recommend using the Rocketbook app to digitally copy your pages and send them or store them via these common file services.
  • Rocketbooks come with your choice of dot-grid pattern or lines on each page, ideal for almost every situation!
  • If you're struggling with installing your Rocketbook smartphone app, you can always speak to our team for guidance; we're always happy to help.


What is a Rocketbook?

They are a reusable notebook that allows you to write using a special pen, scan and upload your notes to cloud services, and then erase the pages to reuse the notebook.

How does this product work?

You write in the Rocketbook with a Pilot FriXion pen, scan the pages using its app to save your notes digitally, and then erase the ink with a damp cloth to start fresh.

Can I use any pen with the Rocketbook?

No, you should use Pilot FriXion pens, which have erasable ink that works with the notebook’s synthetic paper for easy erasing and reusing.

How many times can their pages be reused?

A Rocketbook page can typically be reused up to 500 times with proper care and the correct use of compatible pens.

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