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Promotional Rolling Bags

Buy rolling bags custom printed with your graphic or logo. These convenient, wheeled bags are perfect for travelers and professionals alike, designed to make transportation of heavy items effortless. With spacious compartments and durable construction, these rolling bags ensure your brand is seen in airports, train stations, and corporate environments.

With 18 years of industry experience and a solid reputation, Cubic Promote serves over 4,500 Australian businesses annually as a premier provider of promotional products. By selecting our branded rolling bags, you're not just choosing an efficient travel solution; you're also embracing our commitment to the environment. As a carbon-neutral organization, we actively offset the carbon emissions from production and shipping, enhancing our sustainable impact.


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Ideal Use Cases for Custom Printed Travel Rolling Bags in Bulk

Rolling bags are the perfect choice for travelers, business professionals, and students, providing a convenient way to transport heavy items without strain. These bags’ wheeled design promotes ease of movement. Customisable for branding, they also serve as mobile advertisements, showcasing logos and messages on the go.

Care Tips for Personalised Rolling Bags

Ensure your rolling bag stays in prime condition with these tips, designed to extend its longevity and performance.

  • For Wheels: Regularly remove debris and lubricate bearings for smooth rolling.
  • For Handles: Clean and check the mechanism; lubricate if stiff.
  • Storing: Keep in a dry place, ideally upright, to avoid pressure on wheels. Cover during bad weather and avoid extreme temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Branded Rolling Bags

Do you have wheeled bags with retractable handles?

Yes, we do! Retractable or telescopic handles can be pulled out to extend their size. We stock a variety of wheeled bags with telescopic handles that are ideal for people on the move. Reach out to our sales team to know more about our range of bags.

Do you supply rolling bags with logo branding?

Yes, we sell rolling bags with your custom decoration on them. You may also discover our collection of laptop bags and conference bags customised for your branding needs!

Can the telescoping handle be repaired if it gets stuck?

Yes, in many cases, the handles can be repaired. It often requires cleaning and lubricating the mechanism. For major issues, consult with a luggage repair service.

Can they be carried on aeroplanes?

Yes, many rolling bags are designed to meet carry-on size restrictions for most airlines. However, checking specific airline guidelines is important as sizes can vary. 

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