Screen Printing on Promotional Items

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Screen printing is a traditional form of decoration that has been adapted for prompt and reliable modern use in the promotional merchandise industry. The screen print process involves transferring ink through a purpose-built screen featuring a design, directly onto the flat surface of an object. As screen printing is one of the oldest methods of promotional decoration, our screen print team have years of experience branding on popular products such as t-shirts, bottles, and notebooks. 

Printing Using a Silk Screen

The Screen Printing Process for Promotional Products

  1. First, you supply the Cubic Promote team with your logo or slogan design.
  2. Our production team creates a stencil of this design.
  3. The stencil is then applied onto a fine mesh (often silk -- which is where the term "silk screen printing" comes from).
  4. The printer then applies ink liberally to the back of the screen, before pushing it through the mesh onto the product to create your image.
  5. Your product is left to dry so that the ink holds firmly to its surface.
  6. The print and dry process are repeated for any additional colours (one screen per colour).
  7. We box or bag your finished print product for delivery.
screen printing process

What are the Advantages of Using Screen Print?

The advantage of screen printing are;

  • Cost! Screen printing is one of the cheapest promotional decoration options available, and if you're printing on 50 or more garments, for example, the price per item reduces dramatically compared to branding methods such as digital print.

  • Speed! In the hands of a talented screen print team, the process is quick to complete when compared with more time-consuming methods such as debossing.

  • Huge! Screen printing can generally cover a large surface area, making the technique perfect for branding on shirts or tote bags.

  • Durable! The thick ink used for screen printing is more durable than those used for other print techniques. You can wash, and re-wash screen printed t-shirts and expect minimal fading.

  • Flexible! Screen printing is often associated with branding on fabric, but it's used on hard plastic and metal surfaces as well. This means screen printing is an adaptable technique that can be used for all manner of branding requirements.

What are the Disadvantages of Screen Printing?

Like all decoration methods, there are some disadvantages to the screen print technique. These include;

  • Colours! Each print layer and screen can only support one colour; we can only screen print in spot colours. Full-colour prints are not possible using screen printing. We also cannot print gradient colours using this technique.

  • Surfaces! Because screen printing can only be applied to flat surfaces, any promotional products with curved or heavily grained surfaces cannot be branded using this technique. We also recommend caution with multiple layers or products with linings.

  • Under print! If you want to print a light colour on a dark surface (such as blue on black), you may need to have a white layer printed underneath this colour one at an extra cost. This helps boost the colour of the screen print but can be annoying if you're looking to save money.

Common Promotional Items Which Utilize Screen Printing

  • Garments
  • Cotton bags
  • Promotional bags
  • Branded Tee shirts
  • Printed Caps
  • Custom USB Drives
  • Compendiums
  • Corporate Shirts
  • Customised Hoodies
  • Beach Towels
  • Personalised Tea Towels
  • Brandable Umbrellas
  • Printable Beach Umbrellas
  • Logo Scarves
  • Event Bandanas
  • Non-Woven Bags
  • Flags
  • Branded Compendiums
  • and more...

Example of a Screen Printed Cup

Screen Printed Cup

The History Of Screen Printing

Screen printing is sometimes referred to as silk screen printing as early methods used the silk fabric as a mesh screen. The method originated in China during the Song Dynasty (approx 960AD). Eventually, with trade, it found its way to Europe and the rest of the world. Currently, screen printing is a fun hobby for many enthusiasts as well as DIY home projects as well as students.

Some Examples of Screen Printed Products

These are actual promotional items we've branded using the screen printing process. On the left is a calico bag (very popular choice) and on the right is a t-shirt.

screen printing on bag screen printing on shirt

Videos of Screen Printing in Action

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