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Promotional Shot Glasses

Buy shot glasses custom printed with your graphic or logo. Shot glasses are great promotional items aimed at people who are looking for commercial usage shot glasses because of their stackability and portability, as well as their durability and low weight. We have a collection of shot glasses. So when you let your clients, friends, and visitors take this shot glass home as a memento of their visit, they will remember both you and your company fondly with each shot they pour.

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We Pad Print, Imitation Etch or Sand Blast Shot Glasses

With access to the latest technology, we can Pad Print, Sand Blast, and Imitation Etch our range of shot glasses here at Cubic Promote.

  • A Pad Print can copy any logo of up to 3 colours and expertly print it onto the surface of any shot glass.
  • Our Sand Blasting can also replicate your logo but instead we etch into the surface of the glass, giving it and your brand a distinguished look.
  • Finally, Imitation etch is the customization option if you wish to have this distinctive look but have a budget. Imitation etch uses the cheaper pad print method but with ink that imitates the appearance of laser engraving once completed.

Memorable and Unique Gifts

Promotional Shot Glasses are a fantastic gift to give anybody from your group of mates to the company's boss. This results from shot glasses' ability to be both a sophisticated piece of the display unit and a utensil for a wild night catching up with long lost friends. Being part of a display unit also makes them perfect as a promotional product, continually promoting your company in the homes of many.

Our range of custom branded drinkware glasses is another relevant gift option for your friends and colleagues.

What is a shot glass?

A shot glass is a small container made from glass, typically 45ml, that holds liquid to be drunk. Predominantly, shot glasses are filled with alcohol, usually a spirit, and then consumed. They are also used in the glass display case when shaped in unique shapes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply shot glasses with logo printing?

Yes, we have the facilities which can brand your promotional shot glass using the methods of Pad Print, Imitation Etch and Laser Engraving.

What is the smallest number of shot glasses I can order?

We deliver custom branded shot glasses starting from 50 pieces. However, if you are looking to order less, talk to one of our friendly sales managers to assist you.

What is the standard size for a shot glass?

Shot glasses are typically sized between 37ml and 45ml; however, there is no standard, so they can also range outside these sizes.

What drinks are suitable for use in shot glasses?

Shot glasses are used for shots, a small drink of spirit or liqueur and consumed within one mouthful.

Image for pad printing on shot glass.

Shot Glass

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