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Promotional Sticky Note Dispensers

We sell sticky note dispensers printed with your graphic or logo. These are fantastic promotional items for office staff, school staff, and charity organisations. We carry a wide array of sticky note dispensers which can fit your style, needs or budget. You are guaranteed to find your perfect desk Sticky Note Dispensers in our range.


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Branding Techniques

Customise your sticky note dispensers with our specialised branding options to enhance visibility and brand recognition:

  • Pad Printing: Perfect for applying single or multi-colour logos and designs onto the dispenser, offering a clear and durable impression.
  • Full Colour Printing: Allows for vibrant, detailed images and complex designs to be printed directly onto the dispenser, making it an eye-catching promotional item.

Who Do We Recommend This For?

Sticky note dispensers are an excellent promotional choice for:

  • Offices and corporate environments where desk accessories can be branded for daily visibility.
  • Educational institutions looking for functional branded items for staff and students.
  • Marketing and advertising agencies seeking creative and practical promotional tools.
  • Companies in the event and conference industry needing branded items for attendees and participants.
  • Any business wanting to provide a useful and branded desktop item to enhance their corporate identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply sticky note dispensers with logo printing?

We supply sticky noteholders with your custom branding, either by pad printing or digital print. No matter which technology is used, the logo will stand out for many years.

What is the smallest number of adhesive note holders I can order?

The minimum quantity of sticky note dispensers we can supply is 50 units depending on models, allowing you to purchase them even for a small campaign.

What is the difference between a memo note holder and a regular sticky note pad?

A noteholder allows you to place and secure your Sticky notes on your desk. The dispensers will help you pick 1 note at a time. These dispensers will also add colours or style to every desk.

What colours are available for adhesive notes in dispensers?

Most of our Sticky Note Dispensers will come stocked with the favourite coloured notes in Yellow. But if you require a different colour, contact our experienced local team to discuss.

Example of a Note Dispenser with a Full Colour Digital Print

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