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We carry Stormtech's newest, most inventive promotional apparel at competitive prices. The thoughtful design of Stormtech ensures comfort and performance in any environment. They have a wide variety of outerwear, promotional clothing, and accessories, such as coats, hoodies, promotional jackets, tees, purses, jeans, face masks, polo shirts, vests, sweaters, bags, hats, and caps.

What We Like Most About Stormtech

We enjoy Stormtech promotional products because of their cutting-edge fabric technologies exclusively made by them. Stormtech engineered versatile, environmentally friendly fabrics, offering the best possible protection from the elements. The company's merchandise is the epitome of form and function. They have advanced fabric technologies such as:

    • Pure Earth™ - Polyester used in Pure Earth™ products is made from recycled waste from landfills and the ocean.
    • PFC-Free Outerwear - Stormtech eliminated environmentally harmful perfluorinated carbons (PFCs) from their water-repellent outerwear products.
    • H2XTREME® - provides the best weather protection through modern waterproof/breathable technology, perfected to fend off moisture inside and out.
    • H2X-DRY® - offers the most advanced moisture management technology to regulate your core.

The Benefits of Owning a Stormtech

Possessing a Stormtech jacket presents numerous advantages, establishing it as a top selection for individuals desiring coziness and resilience in diverse climates. Utilizing cutting-edge water-resistant and breathable materials, these jackets deliver exceptional defense against inclement weather, guaranteeing dryness and comfort during outdoor excursions. Beyond their impressive technical features, Stormtech jackets showcase visually appealing designs and high-quality construction, resulting in a fashionable and durable piece of clothing. Moreover, the adaptable and lightweight characteristics of these jackets promote effortless packing and layering, making them an ideal partner for various pursuits, from everyday travel to exciting adventures.

What Cubic Promote Can Do

Cubic Promote has over 16 years of expertise in supplying Australians with high-quality, reasonably priced promotional products. Because of Stormtech's extensive experience in the promotional technical gear sector and our desire to provide our customers with the best service possible, we decided to collaborate with them.

While Stormtech provides the items themselves, our expert branding team employs the most effective branding technique to ensure that the design or logo is clearly shown. We use branding methodologies such as pad printing, screen printing, digital printing, embroidery, laser engraving, transfer printing, and embossing.

Cubic Promote is an authorised Stormtech reseller, so you can rest assured that you will receive the lowest possible price for all of Stormtech's customised outerwear. In addition, because we ship to any address in Australia, you don't have to visit the Stormtech warehouse to get your orders. We are also pleased to send you a free sample to your preferred location before you make a bulk order.

To acquire a price quote or begin your order of Stormtech custom-made apparel and accessories, please email us at or call 1300 858 288.

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