Stormtech Cooler Bags

Promotional Stormtech Cooler Bags

Buy Promotional Stormtech Cooler Bags featuring your logo or design. Our range of chiller bags make perfect personalised gifts for anyone looking to transport food or beverages without subjecting them to harsh temperatures. 

Each bag comes decorated with your custom logo, making them a popular choice for corporate gifts in Australia. Whether you're giving beers to your mates over the holidays or providing a lunch bag to loyal staff members, there's a Stormtech cooler bag to suit your needs.

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Thermal Insulation for Australia’s Heat

Stormtech Cooler Bags are designed to withstand the hot Australian climate. Their advanced thermal insulation technology ensures beverages and food remain chilled for extended periods of time. This feature makes them great for picnics and other activities when it’s hot outside. You may also discover our collection of Stormtech backpacks and Stormtech toiletry bags customised for your branding needs!

How To Clean Stormtech Cooler Bags

  • Empty immediately: Remove all items from the cooler bag right after use to prevent odour and bacteria buildup inside.
  • Clean insides: Use a damp cloth with mild soap to wipe down the insulated interiors, making sure to remove any spill.
  • Rinse thoroughly: Rinse the bag with clean water and remove the remaining soap residue.
  • Air dry: Let the bag dry completely in a well-ventilated area.
  • Store properly: Keep the bag in a cool, dry place, with the bag slightly open to inhibit mold and odour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of branded Stormtech cooler bags?

These bags increase brand visibility as they are carried around at outdoor events, picnics, beach trips, and other social gatherings.

Are these bags available locally?

Yes, we have these cooler bags ready for bulk customisation orders. Reach out to our sales team for further details.

How do you customise the cooler bags?

We can pad print and digital print your logos onto the bags. A cost-effective branding option is pad printing, while digital printing is suited for complicated designs.

Do you have fast shipping within Australia?

Yes, we have a fast turnaround time of two weeks for bulk orders of promotional items. For more information on our delivery services, talk to a Cubic Promote sales team member.

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