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Promotional Custom Straw Hats

Promotional custom straw hats are fantastic headwear items perfect for enjoying a day out in the Australian sun, with a straw hat a perfect suit for anyone trying to stay protected from the beach sun. We offer a wide variety of straw and panama hats aimed at Aussies wanting to get into the great outdoors, whilst remaining versatile and still providing protection to ensure you can remain stylish while hanging out with friends and family at the beach. So whether you're on the beach, at a sporting event, camping, fishing, or out shopping, if you'd like to tap into your inner Vincent van Gogh you'll appreciate a custom straw hat from our range. 


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We Screen Print and Digital Transfer on Custom Straw Hats

Cubic Promote uses the latest screen printing technology to add your logo or graphic in up to 3 colours onto the bands or patches we use for customising your custom straw hats. The resulting product is a professionally finished hat featuring your logo emblazoned directly on the front. If you require more than 4 colours printed on your straw hatbands, please let us know, and we will assist you with alternative print options.

Fast Delivery in Australia for Custom Straw Hats

Our standard turnaround time is two weeks for custom straw hat designs with various decoration options. However, if you require the custom straw hat products sooner, please let us know at the time of order, and we should be able to accommodate them within a 24hr production turnaround time.

What is a Custom Straw Hat?

A straw hat is a type of headwear known for its wide brim and woven natural straw or a synthetic straw body. Straw hats are a popular fashion choice as well as a practical option for shielding the head and face from sunlight. Straw hat make great casual wear, but they can also serve as an important part of a staff uniform if you operate a resort or zoo. 

Natural Custom Straw Hats vs. Artificial Custom Straw Hats

The natural straw hats are made from different plant fibres such as wheat, rye, sisal, buntal, jute, abaca and more. In comparison, the artificial straw hat is also known as synthetic straw made of plastics. Natural straw hats are pretty pricey than artificial ones, as this is from our natural resources, which are very popular nowadays as they are eco-friendly.

Customised jute bags are also an ideal promotional item that is good for the environment.

FAQ on Custom Straw Hats

Do you supply custom straw hats with logo printing?

Yes, we supply straw hats with your custom branding. Our promotional straw hats come with 1 colour print on one side as standard. We can also do full-colour digital print and custom logo patches with a slight additional charge on the hat bands.

What is the smallest number of custom straw hats I can order?

The minimum quantity of straw hats starts from 30 units.

Why are custom straw hats branded using patches and bands?

We use customisation on patches and bands because straw hats are too difficult to print or embroider directly, however have decoration options perfect to gain brand exposure. This restriction is due to the unevenness of the straw surface, which makes it unsuitable for clear printing, as well as the gaps in the woven fabric which makes embroidery impossible as well. Hence, the patches and bands offer us the best option for clearly branding your design on straw headwear.

What are the advantages of wearing a straw hat?

Aside from the unique style of the straw hat, they are breathable, lightweight, and comfortable. The wide brim of the straw hat also helps shieldthe scalp and face from harsh sunlight, making them a great option for the Australian summer.

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