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We sell squishy personalised stress balls emblazoned with your logo. The cool thing about stress balls is that everyone loves them. They add colour and fun to almost any fundraising, expo, conference or any other event you can care to mention. Stress balls are also fabulous for enhancing your room, desk, workspace, exhibition booth or even window shop fronts. We brand each product using professional pad printing or digital decoration methods to ensure you always get the best results.

Having Fun With Branded Stress Toys

After many years of rigorous scientific research, (lots of fun!) we here at Cubic Promote realise that stress balls are not just used to relieve stress by squeezing. They can be thrown around and bounced up and down. They can be utilised absent-mindedly while your attention is somewhere else. For our larger ones, they can be kicked around like footballs. And that's just what adults do with them, school-age kids, on the other hand, can and will use them like regular toys. Either way, having fun with stress toys means that your branded logo will have brand exposure long after the original event.

Logo Print Options on Squishy Balls

We professionally brand your logo onto squishy balls by using either pad printing for spot colour prints or full-colour transfer print. When you absolutely must have a full-colour logo or graphic on the stress ball, then transfer printing is the way to go. It does cost extra though, so please ask us for a quote. Note that when using transfer print a clear sticker-like adhesive is effectively melted onto the stress ball. Transfer print is durable but overtime this sticker like print is prone to pealing over time.

Popular Stressball Shapes

Best-selling promotional stress balls.

Animal Stress Balls

Animal shaped stress toys with logo decoration.

Food / Drink Stress Toys

Promotional stress balls in food shapes.

Human / Body Part Stress Balls

Logo imprinted body stress shapes.

Transport Squishy Toys

Promotional stress cars, trucks, buses, and planes.

Unique Stressballs

Novelty promotional stress shapes.

How to Use Promotional Stress Toys

  1. Place stress ball (or toy shape) in hand.
  2. Squeeze down gently with your fingertips. Repeat as required.

You can also focus on different areas of your hand to promote strengthening such as pinching the ball between your thumb and each finger, to improve your finger strength. Another idea would be to squeeze down with all fingers and hold for three counts, as this exercise helps improve overall wrist strength. If you're unsure as to whether or not an exercise may suit you, please consult with your physiotherapist or another medical professional.

How to Use Promotional Stress Toys Step One How to Use Promotional Stress Toys Step Two

Australia's Largest Range of Novelty Stress Shapes

Our most popular branded stress ball is no doubt the simple round stress ball, but we now stock what could be the largest range in Australia with an amazing range of shapes and sizes. With stress ball shapes choose one that suits your industry as we have all sorts of shapes with pencils, vehicles, fruit, houses, office equipment, and much more. Also, consider choosing a style that will fit a metaphor or your marketing event concept. Have a bright idea? Well, we just so happen to have a stress lightbulb! With our great range, there's amazing flexibility when it comes to marketing your brand with a stress toy.

What are Promotional Stress Balls?

Promotional stress balls are soft, malleable toys that can be squeezed to help relieve tension. Squishy stress balls are popular items for office environments and as tradeshow or expo gifts. Our range of bulk custom stress balls comes with your logo printed on each ball, perfect for handing out at your next event.


Buy Stress Balls Cheap in Bulk

When you buy in bulk, you get to save a lot of money. When considering stress balls in particular though, too many are always never enough. They simply appeal to people so readily that they tend to be the first thing that people take when they see one. The eye-catching rule is true even compared to other types of promotional items like pens. The other reason why we recommend buying stress balls in bulk is that they are visually so striking. A few stress balls on a tradeshow booth may look nice, but an entire crate full of stress balls look amazing, hilarious and extremely inviting for your next potential business client to walk in and engage with you. T

Our standard round stress balls come in a great variety of standard colours including:

Red | Green | Blue | Yellow | Orange | Pink | Purple | Black | Grey | White

Purchase yours with a range of mixed colours at no additional cost.

Note on Choosing Squishy Toy Colours

White coloured stress ball items are an extremely popular choice of colour. For the colour white only, the stress ball will overtime begin to react with air born substances and pollution leading to them turning a shade of yellow. Mild yellowings is unavoidable and is part of the nature of the product and we do not consider this a product fault. If in doubt though we would recommend choosing stress ball colours such as silver, blue, green, yellow, orange, black, brown, purple, pink, red or any other colour.

When branding your logo on stress shapes try and opt for contrast colour printing for maximum visibility. For example, blue stress balls will have the best result when printed in white and vice versa. Ask a friendly sales team member for advice on how to brand your logo the most effectively.

Fast Shipping Australia Wide
Fast Shipping Australia Wide
100% Warranty On All Our Works
100% Warranty On All Our Work
99% Customer Satisfaction Rating
99% Customer Satisfaction Rating
15 Million+ items Shipped
15 Million+ items Shipped
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