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Stubby Coolers

Buy Personalised Stubby Holders

Select from a big range of stubby holders that can be personalised with your logo or with your event. Stubby Coolers are such an iconic Australian product. Made from neoprene (the same material that is used in wetsuits), a stubby cooler will keep your cans of soft drink or alcoholic beverages nice and cold for a long time. Perfect for a long summer day or during winter time when you simply want to hold onto a can without getting your fingers cold and wet. Check out our: Buying Guide Stubby Coolers

Value for Money Printed Stubbies

We offer guaranteed value for money for printed stubby coolers. Seen them cheaper? Let us know and we will match the price for you. You will never pay more for printed stubby coolers when you buy from Cubic Promote.

Buy Customised With Graphics and Your Branding

We print our stubby coolers right here in Australia. We utilise full-colour sublimation prints as standard, however if you prefer we can also screen print them at a slightly lower cost too. You can essentially print whatever you like onto them to make them perfect for corporate functions, bucks or hens nights, weddings, sports teams, clubs, pubs, birthdays and more!

What are Promotional Stubby Coolers?

Promotional stubby coolers are cylindrical or wrap sleeves that insulate beverages from external temperatures. Stubby holders are made from materials with high-level insulation properties such as neoprene or foam. Because the outer wrap surface of drink holders is so expansive they're the perfect product to display your unique marketing or personalised messages.

Neoprene Colours Available

Your stubby cooler can be printed with a gorgeous wrap around print. In addition to that, you can also have the neoprene itself delivered in your colour of choice from our stocked range of colours. Some of the neoprene colours that are available include:

Stubby Holder Neoprene Colours include - Navy Blue | Burgundy | Red | Yellow | Orange | Green | Dark Green | Black | White | Pink | Purple | Grey | Royal Blue.

For other colours simply contact us by phone or email us at any given point in time we may be carrying more neoprene colours that we can use for your stubby holder.

Print Stubby Coolers with Amazing Designs

All our stubby coolers can be designed with your choice of graphics or logos. If you are stuck for ideas though, let us know. We have a designer on hand that can easily create some amazing pieces of artwork for your stubby cooler. The process is simple. Just email us with an image or concept that you like, or simply tell us over the phone and in under an hour we can have something created for you. That's easy right?

Coolers with a Base

For most styles of stubby coolers that you see on our website, you have an option of having them delivered to you, with or without a base. Without a base means there is less material and less stitching. This means you can purchase them at a really low price. Where possible though, we do recommend that you purchase your stubby cooler with a base. It may cost a little extra, however having a base means that you can accommodate bottles and cans of all shapes and sizes. It may mean that your beverage may not look as sleek compared to a can with a perfect fit onto the stubby, but at least it is a usable solution.

Custom Sized Stubby Cooler

Alternatively if you are using the stubby cooler to launch a new beverage product, or have a custom size that you need to work to, please send us the measurements that you require and we can have a stubby cooler made to fit your needs.

Stubby Coolers Made in Australia & Delivered Fast

Our stubby coolers are made in Australia. We offer super-fast delivery of 1 week turnaround time. We also have overseas china made option available for stubby coolers that are a bit more unique or require more customization than normal. The turnaround time for overseas Chinese made stubby coolers is between 4-10 weeks.

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