Branded Merchandise for the Australian Summer

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promotional bulk products for summer

Summer in Australia can be hot and steamy or wet and dreary, but no matter the weather, you need promotional items that are made to last in Aussie conditions. Enter the Cubic Promote team. We're an Australian-owned and operated business with a staff of locals that know the needs of local consumers, particularly when we're talking beach parties for the New Year and BBQs for public holidays!

Here in our Summer Promotional Products section, we've put together some product ideas, tips & tricks based on our experiences and customers' needs. So if you're looking to promote your brand or event over the summer months, whether you're in Perth, Darwin, Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne, or somewhere in between, this section is for you.

How to Shop for Summer Promo Gifts

Before buying promotional products for the summer, ask yourself the following questions.

Who will be receiving the products?

The budget and style might vary between corporate gifts for staff over the holiday break vs. giveaway gifts for beachside stalls. You must recognise who will receive the items as that allows you to tailor the message, product, and delivery accordingly.

Where will the products be used?

Another thing to remember is where you hope your recipients will use the products. A lightweight tote bag will likely get used immediately at a summer expo or night market, whereas something like a USB fan will need to be set-up on a desk at home after the item is received.

Once you know who you're giving the items to and where they will primarily use them, you can focus on picking the exact item you like from the Cubic Promote range and tailoring any custom logo or message for printing on the products themselves (aka: the fun part of the process).

Our Top Picks for Logo-Branded Summer Products

Promotional AS Colour Shirts for Summer

  • AS Colour T-Shirts: Our most popular high-quality tee option, AS Colour shirts are a joy to wear and can endure anything the summer throws at them. If you have a concert, festival, school event, or just want to market your brand with a unique print message then these shirts are what you need to make an impact over summer.

Promotional Beach Balls for Summer

  • Logo Printed Beach Balls: A great way to market your brand to young and old, beach balls can be used in water or on land for a variety of fun games. These products make excellent budget gifts for showbags or tradeshow events; they're also popular for parties once we print them with your design.

  Promotional Drink Bottles for the Aussie Heat

  • Custom Branded Drink Bottles: It's important to stay hydrated, particularly during the harsh summer temperatures here in Australia. Give your recipients drink bottles with your logo printed on them and they'll not only be exposed to your brand, but they'll also be encouraged to drink water regularly from their handy bottles.

  Promotional SPF+ Sunscreen

  • Promotional SPF Rated Sunscreen: It gets very hot Down Under over December/January/February, so it makes sense to invest in SPF-rated sunscreen printed with your logo decoration. These are the perfect promotional gifts for outdoor, beach, and sporting events but they make wonderful summer marketing products no matter the event.

Gym Towels with Your Logo Branding

  • Customised Cooling Gym Towels: Whether you need to keep clean and cool in the gym, outdoors at athletic training, or just attending a large-scale event our range of cooling gym towels make excellent marketing gifts. We print each with your unique decoration, and you can use them to promote your organisation throughout the summer months.

More Seasonal Gift Ideas

Other products we stock and recommend for summer promotions, school events, outdoor campaigns, and marketing launches include Logo Printed Beach Towels, Personalised Bucket Hats, Custom Branded Picnic Mats, Event Branded Flying Discs, and lots more! Speak with our friendly team for tailored recommendations to meet your exact needs.

What Australians Value Over Summer

Another thing to remember that can help you make decisions regarding promotional gifts over the summer is what people value during the warmer months. People place importance on basic things like

  • Shade
  • Hydration
  • Sun protection
  • Lightweight/easy to hold or carry items
  • Cooling products

Suppose the promotional products you supply fulfill one of these vital summer needs. In that case, they're likely to have an even more significant impact on the recipient's perception of your brand based on our years of experience. Give people something they value, and you'll be on your way to success, regardless of the season!

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Yoshe Foy

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