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Need promotional t-shirts for your event? Cubic Promote has got you covered - literally! We will print your logos and graphics onto a huge range of stylish t-shirts. Whether you require tees for your business, event, conference, expo, O-week, charity event or team building exercise we have a top to suit your requirements. Cubic Promote offers quick t-shirt delivery direct to your Australian business or event address. If you order in bulk, costs are reduced across the board. So what are you waiting for? Get colourful t-shirts custom branded with your unique design today.

Decorated Using Screen or Digital Printing

T-shirts are short-sleeved, casual tops perfectly suited to wearing indoors and out. Cubic Promote's range of promotional t-shirts come branded with your logo via screen printing. This method is a simple way of transferring a straight-forward design that yields great results at low prices. If however, you have a full-colour piece of artwork then digital printing may be more suited to your needs. A digital print allows for amazingly vibrant prints that go directly onto the garment and can replicate complex illustrations. Both options print options are done right here in Australia for print runs under 500 pieces. If you're unsure which method suits your shirts, just ask our friendly sales team, and they'll advise you.

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Sizing for Unisex, Male and Female Promo Shirts

Our range of tee shirts can be supplied in three main sizing options. The first and most popular option is the unisex fit. These t-shirts boast a loose, casual fit suited to all body types and sexes. Unisex shirts are a great choice if you're looking to supply shirts to a diverse range of people.

The second sizing option is for female fitted t-shirts. These shirts have more of a stretch to them and taper at the chest to accommodate the bust. Ladies fitted tees are great if you're organising tops for women's athletic events or if your team is primarily comprised of women wanting a slim fit top.

The third option for sizing is for men's fitted tees. They offer a comfortable fit for the broader male body shape and have a streamlined, loose chest area. These are great options if you're looking for a tailored look to suit men. The disadvantage for both fitted styles is that they are not as versatile to fit all body shapes and sizes when compared to the comfortable style of unisex tee shirts.

T-Shirts With Logo Sublimation

Sublimation is a print process that we perform on polyester cool dry tee shirts. The big advantage with sublimated shirts is that the prints do not fade in the wash, as the design is branded directly into the fabric itself. You can also typically customise large areas of the shirt inclding across seams to create some amazing visuals. Sports teams such as those in NRL, AFL, NBL and A-League often use this type of branding on their jerseys. They are becoming a more popular option for local club teams as well as for team fans. The minimum run for sublimated tee shirts is 20 pieces, making them a fantastic option for short run tops.

T-Shirts and Singlets for Corporate Marathons

Are you organising or participating in a fun run? Maybe your office is keen to get involved with the City2Surf or The Australian Running Festival. If so, we recommend you to skip the cotton tee shirts and go straight for the ones composed of Easy Breeze Cool Dry Material. These tee shirts are designed specifically to breathe during endurance events making them ideal for team sports and marathons. The fabric has several other advantages over standard cotton including a lighter weight, greater fabric stretch, more visibility with a sheen on the surface, and it does not stick to the skin. Regardless of the material you opt for, we will custom brand your top to suit your athletic event. Check out our range of Cool Dry shirts or ask our team for more ideas.

Caring for Cotton and Polyester Promo Tees

Polyester cool dry shirts are the best t-shirt for durability. Their colour does not fade as easily and they are easy to care for. If you are washing colourful polyester t-shirts then you don't even need to separate them from your white clothes as they are colour fast.

Cotton t-shirts on the other hand will fade over time. The best way to preserve the material and print colour is to turn them inside out when washing and preferably use a washing bag at the same time. You will also need to separate whites from colours when washing these shirts, as they are not colour fast. For stains we recommend using adding half a cup of baking powder to your laundry. It will result in brighter colours with each and every wash.

Where to Use Promotional T-Shirts?

Our clients have found a considerable number of uses for promotional shirts over the years. Here are some of the most popular uses for branded t-shirts we've spotted:

  • - Tip-on gift for a marketing campaign
  • - Giveaway item for a promotion
  • - Uniform for staff attending trade shows / expos / business events / sports days
  • - University orientation week items
  • - Team building exercise attire
  • - Retail team outfits
  • - School uniforms
  • - ... and more!

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