Tradeshow Products

Tradeshows are lots of fun!  Excitement, colour, energy, enthusiasm.  It is all there!  Over the years we have worked with hundreds of tradeshows for all sorts of industries and they always have 2 things in common.

1)  The exhibitor wants and needs Maximum Exposure
2)  The exhibitor needs to be remembered after the event

With tradeshow products along with a creative booth you can definitely achieve these 2 aims and really make the time, money and experience that you invested pay off for you.

The dynamics of a tradeshow mean that booths next to you and opposite you are all trying to attact the attention for the same visitor.  Therefore first impressions definitely count.  The decor of your booth definitely matters as well as the enthusiasm of your team.  However what definitely attracts crowds are Tradeshow product or freebies.  From experience here are a few hints and tips that we rekon will help make your tradeshow experience rock with our products branded with your logo.

-  Tip 1: Have 3 tiers of promotional products ready to accomodate the different type of guests that approach you.  The tiers will be based on the cost of the item and the liklihood of a visitor being an eventual client or partner of yours.  So aim for:

Budget Promotional Items for general giveaways

Middle Priced Selectively Handout Items

Premium Priced Corporate Gifts for clients and associates

-  Tip 2: Pick certain times to hand out products.  This will conserve both your energy as well as inventory.  So if things are a bit quiet then whip out the tradeshow products.  If you are flat our busy then withhold a few of the products.

-  Tip 3:  If possible try and choose a product that reflects your trade booth colours.  It makes your overall appearance look more sleek and more eye catching to passer bys.  The more colour you have the more easier it is for passer bys to simply look over and beyond you.

From experience here are some of the Tradeshow Products that we know will always be popular and a hit with your potential customer.

Budget Promotional Items for General Tradeshow Giveaways

The trick here is to draw crowds and to draw attention.  What better way than with promotional products.  There are plenty of options for you to consider such as:

Promotional Lipbalms          Promotional Pedometers             Sticky Notes                 Printed Balloons

lip balm                       Pedometers                       Sticky Notes              Met Balloon

Branded Pens                     Printed Bags of Jellybean             Stressballs

 Pens                Jelly beans                   Stress ball front      Stress ball back

 Mid Priced Hand Out Items

Use these branded products when you are resonably sure that you consider that this recipient may be an eventual partner or customer.  Perhaps maybe they can refer you an eventual customer.  In which case these mid priced products are perfect.  Some great options include:

-  Promotional Metal Pens
-  Branded Metal Keychain
-  An even bigger bag of promotional lollies
-  A budget golf umbrella
-  A promotional mug or Travel Mug

Corporate Gifts for Clients & Associates

It would be nice to distinguish regular tradeshow booth guests with customers who are either new or who are existing customers.  Just a small token of thank you.  We would recommend things like:

-  Fibre Glass Golf Umbrellas
-  A Coffee Gift Set
-  A branded bottle of wine
-  Cystal trophy
-  A promotional suede Peak Cap
-  A corporate USB Flashdrive
-  Premium branded pen

Tradeshows and functions are a fantastic way to get yourself some real exposure in front of the people you want and the good thing is that it puts you up directly in front of your competitors.  It is an excellent opportunity to show off your skills and your product.  Make the most out of it by having a small memento gift and your marketing will definitely go a long way.  For more ideas j

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