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Buy travel adapters custom printed with your graphic or logo. They are ideal for international conferences, corporate travel gifts, or study abroad programs

With 18 years of experience, Cubic Promote stands out as a provider of premium promotional products. Our travel adaptors are designed to meet international safety standards, ensuring that your brand is associated with quality and trust.

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What is a Personalised Power Adaptor?

A travel adaptor or plug adaptor is a device that allows you to conveniently plug an electronic device into an international wall outlet. Travel adaptors are handy to have when you're heading overseas, although they do not function as voltage converters so you do need to be mindful of the voltage of the socket you are plugging your device into. Travel adaptors are popular promotional items to decorate and distribute at travel conferences and corporate events.

General Care Tips for Custom Branded Plug Adaptors

To ensure their longevity and reliability, follow these specific care tips:

  • Avoid Moisture: Keep your adaptor dry at all times. Exposure to moisture can cause short circuits or corrosion.
  • Store Properly: When not in use, store them in a protective case or bag to prevent damage from dust or impact.
  • Keep Away from Extreme Temperatures: Store and use them in environments with moderate temperatures to prevent overheating or freezing.
  • Handle with Care: Gently plug in and remove the adaptor from sockets to avoid bending the prongs or damaging the socket.
  • Check for Compatibility: Before using, ensure the adaptor matches the electrical requirements of your device to avoid damage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Printed International Adaptors

Do you supply travel adaptors with custom printing?

Yes, we supply travel adaptors with custom decoration.

What is the minmum order required?

The smallest number of travel adaptors we can supply is 50 units per order.

Do travel adaptors convert electricity?

No, adaptors do not convert electrical voltage; they only allow you to connect to different types of outlets.

Can I use it for multiple countries?

Universal adaptors are designed to work in many countries, but it's essential to verify compatibility with your destination's outlet type.

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