Travel Gift Sets

Promotional Travel Gift Sets

Buy promotional travel gift sets custom printed with your design or logo. Do you want people to recognise your brand all over the country and beyond borders? The best promotional products to accomplish this goal are branded travel gift bundles! Cubic Promote offers a variety of gift bundles ideal for business travellers or vacationing customers. Our personalised travel gift packages are perfect as an adventure kit, holiday gift set, or trade fair handout. Additionally, we keep our stock in Australia, so wherever you are, you'll receive your mass-produced custom travel gift packs sooner.

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We Pad Print, Laser Engrave, and Digital Full-Colour Print Travel Gift Sets

Cubic Promote invests in the most cutting-edge branding technologies to ensure that your brand is recognised at the highest level possible. We use the following methods to print your company's logo on our travel giveaway packs:

Pad printing: A cost-effective way to mass-produce branded travel gift sets, pad printing allows you to print your logo or artwork in up to three (3) spot colours.

Laser engraving: This branding method gives the product a more polished appearance and prevents your logo or design from fading over time.

Digital printing: This is a method of printing directly from a digital image onto various mediums in full colour.

Yes, We Deliver Australia-Wide

We ship to all states and territories of Australia, including remote areas. It takes about two weeks to complete most orders. However, Cubic Promote also welcomes orders with tight deadlines with three (3) day turnaround periods.

What is a Travel Gift Set?

A travel gift set is an assortment of useful accessories for travel, such as a sewing kit, slip travel kit, earplug set, inflatable neck cushion, luggage tag, combination lock and even small tech goodies. Custom-printed travel gift packs make great freebies or gifts for travel, airline, or tourism businesses. In addition, our promotional travel sets offer a designated branding area that is big enough to feature your business's logo or brand message.

Travel Accessories as Custom Gift Sets

People appreciate receiving practical travel necessities, and a bag full of them is always appreciated as a promotional present. Take advantage of this by branding each travel gift set that Cubic Promote offers. Moreover, a customised travel gift set is something the receiver can take with them wherever they go, bringing you exposure at home and abroad. Our promotional travel gift packs are ideal gifts or giveaways at product launches, outdoor occasions, airlines, trade shows, and seminars.

How to Care for Branded Travel Gift Sets

Here are some pointers for maintaining personalised travel gift packs::
For non-electronic travel accessories, disposable wet wipes are enough to keep them clean. Alternatively, wipe or wash them with lukewarm water, a soft dishcloth, and all-purpose detergent.
For electronic travel accessories, always store them properly after use and ensure the batteries are in good condition before putting them in your luggage.

FAQ on Travel Gift Sets

Do you supply travel gift sets with custom printing?

Yes, we offer gift packages for travellers imprinted with your logo utilising digital transfer, laser engraving, and pad printing.

What is the minimum number of custom travel gift packs I can order?

A minimum purchase of 25 travel gift packets is required.

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