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Buy tyre gauges custom branded with your graphic or logo. Tyre gauge is a highly-recommended custom-branded gift for any car enthusiast. Give your customers a unique and exciting way to track their car's mileage and tyre pressure. Cubic Promote offers gauges that are the highest quality and come in various colours and designs to match your corporate image or brand perfectly. 

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We Laser Engrave Tyre Gauges

Using laser engraving, we add custom decoration to gauges. Laser Engracing offers unparalleled precision regarding the appearance of your logo and design. It also works in different materials, just perfect for tyre gauges.

Australia-wide Shipping

Our tyre gauges are stored right here in Australia, ready to be personalised with your unique design. Our standard turnaround time is two (2) weeks, including delivery. If you require your order sooner, please let our sales team know upon the order process. In this case, we will be able to accommodate a two (2) day production turnaround time.

What is a Tyre Gauge?

A tyre gauge is a device used to measure the air pressure in a tyre. It is an essential tool for any vehicle owner as it helps to ensure that the tyres are correctly inflated, which can improve the performance and safety of the vehicle. Tyre gauges come in a variety of forms, from digital to manual, and can be used to accurately measure the air pressure in a tyre.

Cubic Promote offers affordable and high-quality tyre gauges that can be easily carried anywhere you go. We have portable tyre gauges that have keyrings and pen-type designs that work manually. These gauges can also be calibrated from 0-50psi. Tyre gauges that are made from aluminum and metal will surely last for years.

How To Care For Your Tyre Gauge

Caring for your gauge is essential to ensure that it is always working correctly and safely. It is important to regularly check the tyre pressure gauge and replace any worn or damaged parts. When replacing parts, use genuine parts from the manufacturer to ensure a safe and accurate reading. Additionally, regular cleaning of the tyre pressure gauge will help to extend its lifespan and keep it functioning properly. These precautions will ensure that your tyre gauge remains in top condition and provides accurate readings every time.

FAQs About Tyre Gauge

Can you deliver tyre gauges across Australia?

Yes, tyre gauges can be delivered to any location within Australia. The process is simple and fast, with order delivery typically being completed within two (2) weeks. 

Are your tyre gauges accurate?

Our tyre gauges are accurate and high quality. The correct reading of the air pressure in a tyre is essential for a safe and comfortable driving experience.  

Can I order a tyre gauge in bulk?

Yes, we offer a large range of gauges in bulk quantities. We offer custom-made tyre gauges that are perfect for your business or event. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss your specific needs.

Can I use your tyre gauge on bicycle wheels?

Using a tyre gauge on bicycle wheels is common among cyclists and can help ensure safety and optimal performance. Generally, most tyre gauges are designed to work with cars and bicycles. However, checking the manufacturer's specifications before using the gauges on your bicycle is important. 

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