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Promotional Tyre Gauges

Buy tyre gauges custom branded with your company design or logo. They are a highly-recommended custom-branded gift for any car enthusiast. Give your customers a unique and exciting way to track their car's mileage and tyre pressure. 

These essential tools not only enhance driving safety by ensuring tyres are properly inflated but also serve as a practical reminder of your brand’s commitment to vehicle care and safety.

Cubic Promote offers gauges that are the highest quality and come in various colours and designs to match your corporate image or brand perfectly.

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Ideal Case Uses for Custom Branded Air Pressure Gauges

Using tyre gauges monthly ensures tyres are at the correct pressure, enhancing safety and fuel efficiency. They are essential before long trips and critical after weather changes, as temperature impacts tyre pressure. Also important after tyre repairs. Proper tyre maintenance with a gauge extends tyre life and ensures a smooth, safe driving experience. Drivers who frequently travel or experience varied climates benefit most from these products.

Care Tips for Personalised Pressure Metres 

Maintaining your tyre gauge is crucial for accurate and safe tyre pressure readings. Here's how:

  • Regular Checks: Ensure it's always working correctly.
  • Part Replacement: Use genuine parts for worn or damaged components.
  • Regular Cleaning: Helps extend its lifespan and maintain accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tyre Pressure Gauges 

Can you deliver tyre gauges across Australia?

Yes, tyre gauges can be delivered to any location within Australia. The process is simple and fast, with order delivery typically being completed within two (2) weeks.

Are your tyre gauges accurate?

Our tyre gauges are accurate and high quality. The correct reading of the air pressure in a tyre is essential for a safe and comfortable driving experience. 

Can I use it on bicycle wheels?

Using a tyre gauge on bicycle wheels is common among cyclists and can help ensure safety and optimal performance. Generally, most tyre gauges are designed to work with cars and bicycles. However, checking the manufacturer's specifications before using the gauges on your bicycle is important.

How do I read a tyre pressure gauge?

Read the pressure immediately after application. Digital gauges display the number, while analogue gauges use a dial or needle.

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