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Promotional Novelty Stress Balls

Buy unique stress balls custom printed with your graphic or logo. Unique stress balls are eye-catching promotional gifts that are slightly different from the norm. Cubic Promote stocks a wide assortment of novelty stress toys such as puzzle shapes, light bulbs, and unique mascots. Our custom novelty stress balls are a great way to combat stress in the workplace. Whether you're the head of a major bank or an Aldi cashier, unique stress toys from Cubic Promote make delightful tension-busting gifts for all Australians.

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We Pad Print or Digital Print Unique Stress Balls

We use the latest pad and digital printing technology, to add your logo or graphic onto the outer surface of novelty stress toys. Pad printing is best for solid colour designs of up to 3 colours, while we recommend digital print for detailed logos in many colours. No matter which technique we use, the resulting print is a beautiful representation of your corporate branding on each stress ball.

Fast Australian Delivery

It takes 2 weeks to deliver standard orders of unique stress balls with customisation, but we can also provide 3-day and 7-day despatch for urgent orders too. We stock all the stress shapes you see within this category within Australia. The custom branding process, for both pad print and digitally printed options occur locally in Australia in Dandenong, Melbourne.

What is a Unique Stress Ball?

A unique stress ball is a malleable palm-sized toy, which is squeezed in hand and manipulated by the fingers to relieve stress and muscle tension or to exercise the muscles of the hand. The unique or novelty stress toys in our range are quirky and cool shapes that stand out from the crowd. Rather than being simple spheres or cubes, these anti-stress items are vibrant oddities in all sorts of shapes and styles. Use unique stress balls to help get your branding across to your audience when a standard stress item simply won't do the job!

Cleaning Your Unique Stress Balls

Because unique stress toys are used by the hands and our hands tend to come into contact with more bacteria than the rest of our bodies, we recommend wiping your stress items down with a damp cloth regularly. After you have wiped them down, leave them to air dry and they'll be good to go again. Be sure to store your unique stress balls in a cool, dry place away from damaging sunlight when you're not using them (desk drawers are ideal, for example). Consider carrying these customised hand sanitisers to make sure your stress balls and hands are germ-free.

FAQ on Unique Stress Balls

Do you supply novelty stress balls with logo printing?

Yes, we sell uniquely shaped stress toys that come with your custom branding.

What is the smallest number of novelty stress balls I can order?

The minimum quantity of unique stress balls we can supply is 100 units.

Can you make a stress toy in a completely original shape for me?

Yes, we can! Simply reach out to our customer care team and let us know you want something totally original and we'll provide pricing and production time estimates to you ASAP. The sky is the limit with unique stress ball shapes so let us know whatever quirky anti-stress device ideas you might have and our team will help make them happen.

Can you provide an existing novelty stress ball in a different colour for me?

Yes, a unique colour involves a similar process to making a unique shape. Our team will need to provide custom pricing for you and an estimated time frame, but unique colours are definitely something we do!

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