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Promotional USB Pens

Buy USB flash drives combined with a ballpoint pen, custom printed with your logo or graphics. USB Pens is an excellent promotional product for those working in offices and attending university and school. Our wide range of USB Pens is light and easy to write with, including a quality flash drive to store your digital files. For those looking for an efficient 2-in-1 product or a novelty promotional product, USB Pens are the perfect item for you.


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Laser Engraving or Pad Printing

We use the newest Pad Print and Laser engraving to ensure that your logo or artwork is precisely branded onto the USB Pens. We Pad Print any artwork of up to 3 colours onto the pen's surface, giving an eye-catching pop to any product. Laser engraving etches your logo into the product's surface, giving a very professional look that will last for a very long time.

A Useful Corporate Gift

USB Pens are a perfect corporate gift idea to give a helpful office utensil to both employees and customers. They are also a fantastic promotional product to give out at fairs or conferences to promote your business through custom branding while also containing catalogues within the USB component.

We also have promotional type C USB flash drives ready to get branded by your company logo. Check them out now!

What is a USB Pen (Flashdrive & Pen Combination)

A USB Pen is a lightweight object that contains ink to enable writing and is a storage device for digital files. The Pen components enable the user to write down thoughts, notes, or reminders to read a later.

The USB component is a portable product that holds digital files that can be downloaded from one computer and then uploaded to another. The efficiency of combining these two components makes it an ideal piece of stationery for an office.

How To Care for your Flash Memory Drive

Both Pad Print and Laser Engraving branding are quality and withstand everyday use. However, impacts with sharp objects and being dropped can cause the pad print to chip. Furthermore, scratching the branded area can affect the finish. Lastly, we recommend using a damp cloth every now and then to wipe any dirt or grime away, especially from within the groves of the engraving. With good care, this product should last for many years, the time giving your brand exposure.

FAQ on USB Pens

Do you supply flashdrives with my logo branded onto it?

Yes, we can do a pad print with your custom design on our range of USB Pens.

What about Engraving?

Yes, supply both the product as well as laser engraving of your logo on any of our USB Pens.

What is the Ink Colour in the USB Pens?

All our USB pens come in black ink with some of our products are also able to come in blue ink as well.

Which are the Available Memory Capacities?

Our USB Pens come in the storage capacities as follows (gb is gigabytes): 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB 

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