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Buy Waterman pens custom printed with your graphics or logo. Authentic Waterman pens are French luxury writing instruments popular with banks, academics, and doctors, although they suit anyone looking for luxurious pens. Connect your event or organisation with high-end Waterman pens from Cubic Promote's extensive range. We have a diverse range of Waterman pens, and we will decorate them with your graphics or logo. Whether you're in the fields of finance, law, or science, you'll be sure to find a Waterman pen to suit your brand right here at Cubic Promote.

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We Pad Print & Laser Engrave Waterman Pens

We will pad print your logo on plastic Waterman pens or laser engrave your design onto metal Waterman pens.

We recommend printing for Waterman pens as you can have up to 3 solid colours added directly to the pen's surface.

The most popular branding technique for metal Waterman pens is laser engraving, which etches your design into the metal surface permanently. Both methods provide a durable finish to your writing instrument, ensuring a stylish look ready for gifting.

What is a Waterman Pen?

A Waterman pen is a premium ink-based writing instrument manufactured by the Waterman company, a luxury pen brand. Waterman pens are synonymous with quality and esteem. Some popular styles inside the Waterman range of pens have become iconic, recognised writing instruments.

Some of the most popular pens include the following:

  • Edson
  • The Exception
  • The Phileas
  • The Hemisphere
  • The Expert
  • The Harmonie

Highly Value Personal Custom Gifts 

A pen is generally a safe option when it comes to corporate gifts. The Waterman pen is one of the best options for you to consider when you need a safe gift option that is also luxurious. Examples of special occasions for Waterman pen gifts include:

  • Graduation Gifts
  • Vip Guests
  • Special clients
  • Valued Staff

Consider adding items from our collection of personalised Moleskine notebooks and custom branded leather compendiums to enhance the luxurious experience of your Waterman pens.

FAQ on Waterman Pens

Do you supply authentic Waterman pens with logo printing?

Yes, we supply authentic Waterman pens with your custom branding. In addition, our Waterman pens come with one side laser engraving of your logo as standard. 

What is the smallest number of Waterman pens I can order?

The minimum quantity of Waterman pens we can supply is five units.

Who are some famous Waterman pen users?

Three famous Watermen pen users are Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft and Albert Einstein. Stephen King uses this pen as it helps him unleash his creativity when writing. It has the effect of calming and mind, just like meditation to him.

Howard Phillip Lovecraft, also known as H.P. Lovecraft, the American author of extraordinary and macabre short novels and stories, used Waterman fountain pens for years as they fit his hand comfortably. And Albert Einstein used this pen to develop the Theory of Relativity, which shows just how important the quality of a writing instrument can be!

Do Waterman pens come in gift boxes?

Yes, our Waterman pens come in a gift box. 

Do these pens have black or blue ink?

Our Waterman pens come with black ink as standard.

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