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Promotional Wine Bags

Order some Promotional Wine Bags and brand them with your personalised logo or artwork. Wine Bags are perfect for any day trip, including a glass of wine with your friends and family. These bags allow you to take a bottle of wine to the park or a friend's party with ease. Furthermore, they are a fantastic gift idea for your employees or clients to show your appreciation. Prices exclude GST. Check out our Buying Guide for Wine Bags & Boxes.

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Promotional Wine Bag Bermuda
Promotional Wine Bag Bermuda
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Custom Wine Bag Barcelona
Custom Wine Bag Barcelona
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We Pad Print, Laser Etch and Digitally Full Colour Print.

Personalise your Wine Carriers by taking advantage of Cubic Promotes access to the latest technology in Pad Print, Laser Engraving and Full Colour Digital Print. Pad print allows for any logo of up to 3 colours to be branded directly onto the bag easily.

Whereas, if you have a colourful artwork that requires attention to detail, Digital Print prints this perfectly without losing definition. Lastly, Laser engrave immortalises your logo by carving it directly into the wine cooler, leaving a professional finish that will catch the eye of anybody.

Fast Delivery in Australia

With Cubic Promote's ability to hold our stock of Promotional Wine Holders locally, we can adjust our standard to a turnaround time of 2 weeks to just over 1, ensuring you receive your order in time for the fast-approaching event.

What are Wine Bags?

Wine Bags are bags specifically designed to hold a single bottle of wine. Many also contain an insulated lining that keeps wines that must be kept cool. They are a fantastic piece of apparel to own, especially for those who love to go on picnics and have nowhere to store their wine bottle. Many companies that make wine purchase wine coolers and brand them with their logo to be given as an accessory to purchase their wine.

Classic Corporate Gifts

Wine Bags are used for a significant market for corporate gifts, as they are perceived as high-value gifts. They give employees a sense of appreciation when they see their names blazoned on the bag. Furthermore, they are also a popular gift to accompany large ticket purchases like a house, car or even opening a new bank account. Partner the wine bags with low-cost items like customised bottle opener keyrings.

FAQ on Wine Bags & Boxes

Do you supply wine bags & boxes with logo printing?

Yes, we can provide wine bags and boxes with branding using the techniques of pad print, digital print and laser engraving.

What is the smallest number of wine carriers I can order?

The lowest number of the unit that can be ordered is 25. However, if you would like to make an order of a lower quantity, talk to one of our friendly sales managers.

What is the difference between a wine bag and a wine box?

A wine bag is typically made of neoprene or another strong fabric material, whereas a wine box is made from light wood or bamboo. Also, wine bags tend to insulate the win and keep it cool, whereas a box does not.

Do wines need to be kept chilled during transport?

Whether or not your wine needs to be kept chilled during transport depends on the type of wine you have. For example, white wine or champagne will need to be kept refrigerated for the trip, whereas a red wine does not and can be held at any moderate temperature.

Can you make wine bags in unique sizes?

Unfortunately, we cannot make custom wine bag shapes; however, we have several unique bags within our extensive range.

Do you sell bottles of wine to go with custom bags?

No, unfortunately, Cubic Promote does not sell alcoholic beverages. We can put you in touch with our preferred wine suppliers upon request.


Best Value Distribution for Promotional Wine Bags and Boxes

Packaging can be one of the most expensive products when it comes to freight and delivery. Flat packed wine boxes are the best option when affordability is important to you. Wine carriers made from neoprene, nylon, paper are also wonderful options for saving money when it comes to freight. When ordering from Cubic Promote your packaging and merchandise are supplied in bulk, ensuring cost-effective delivery to all Australian locations.

Make Budget Wine Look Premium in Branded Gift Bags

You can make even the lowest-cost bottles of wine look like a refined luxury gift when you supply them in custom printed bags or boxes from Cubic Promote. Quality packaging boosts the perceived value of the item you're giving to others, so even if you can't purchase the most expensive wine available your recipients will be appreciative once they see the whole package.

Cleaning Your Promotional Wine Bags

When your wine bag gets a little dirty, the simplest way would be to use warm soapy water to wipe the affected area. We do not recommend using a washing machine or dry cleaning them as that will quickly ruin the shape of the item. Wine boxes, on the other hand, can easily be cared for by simply wiping with a damp towel. We do not recommend the use of harsh chemicals on either bags or boxes - if you're unsure, check the labelling your bags come with to see factory suggested cleaning options.

Image for full colour dye sublimation print on wine bag.

Neoprene Bottle Holder

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