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Promotional Wiro Notebooks in Bulk

Buy wiro notebooks custom printed with your logo or graphics. These are great promotional products for the education sector and offices across the country. Cubic Promote stocks a huge range of spiral notebooks that are perfectly bound with wire and sturdy cardboard covers for everyday durability.

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A Great Value Gift

Wiro notebooks are a great gift for those who want notebooks with easily removable pages. Because our they are bound with looped wire the pages tear out with minimal fuss, making them a great option for students and busy office staff who do not want a tightly bound notebook. Consider using spiral notebooks for open weeks, trade shows, and expos where you need a quality notebook that won't cost or weigh too much.

Ideal Case Uses

Promotional wiro notebooks are a functional and stylish option for brand promotion, offering durability and ease of use. Ideal for a range of applications, here are some use cases:

  • Corporate Meetings: Provide attendees with a practical tool for note-taking and organising thoughts during discussions.
  • Educational Settings: Ideal for students and teachers for lectures, classes, and assignments, offering flexibility and convenience.
  • Professional Workshops: Enhance learning experiences by giving participants a dedicated space to jot down insights and action points.
  • Event Planning: Useful for coordinators and attendees to plan and record details, schedules, and contacts.
  • Creative Industries: Artists, designers, and writers can use them for sketching, brainstorming, and compiling ideas.
  • Personalised Gifts: Customised notebooks make thoughtful gifts for employees, clients, or partners, reflecting the company’s brand and values.


What is a wiro notebook?

These notebooks features spiral binding (wire-o binding) that allows pages to turn easily and lie flat, making it convenient for writing and reading.

Can they be customised?

Yes, our products can be customised with logos, designs, and various cover materials, allowing for personalised branding or styling.

Are there different sizes and paper types available?

Wiro notebooks come in various sizes, such as A4, A5, and A6, and can have different paper types, including lined, blank, or grid, catering to various needs and preferences.

How durable are wiro notebooks?

They are generally durable due to their metal binding, which holds the pages securely and withstands frequent use and handling.

Can the pages be refilled or replaced?

They don’t typically allow for page replacement, but some designs come with refillable pages, enabling users to replace or add pages as needed.

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