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Promotional Custom Wrapping Paper

Buy promotional custom gift wrapping paper custom printed with your graphics or logo, perfect for a baby shower, the holidays or any extra special special occasion to give to loved ones when gift giving. Promotional wrapping paper is the ideal way to elevate your personal or corporate gifts, no matter your industry, with wrapping paper rolls able to be customized for gift giving with your own text to add a personal touch. Cubic Promote will custom print quality holiday wrapping paper or any custom gift wrapping paper with your vibrant full-colour photographic design here in Australia with our wrapping paper printing technology. Our wrapping paper is perfect for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and award ceremonies because of the custom printed wrapping paper. So whether you're planning for Christmas or keen to wrap gifts today, our custom printed wrapping paper is a great option.

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We Digitally Print Custom Wrapping Paper

Cubic Promote uses digital offset printing to add your logo or graphics expertly onto custom wrapping paper in bright, photo-quality colours. We recommend selecting a repeated design to get the most out of your custom printed wrapping paper sheets, akin to those you find on retail wrapping paper. The resulting paper will boast a professional finish with your design emblazoned across the entirety of the custom wrapping paper sheets.

Enhance your Gift Giving with Custom Wrapping Paper

Product presentation with custom wrapping paper plays a vital role in the perceived value of the gift. A block of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate is about $5 in the supermarket, while on Valentine's day, a nicely wrapped chocolate block can sell for $20.

Gift wrapping is also a way of passing wishes and messages to the recipients. For example, in Chinese culture, red wrapping paper is wildly used during weddings and celebrations of Chinese New Year to wish the recipient of good fortune and happy life. While in western culture, red and green colour wrapping paper are used for Christmas gifts. Alternatively, you can have minimal prints on the wrappers and top it off with custom printed ribbons

Having messages directly printed on the wrapping paper is one of the effective marketing channels to send out key messages.

We can also print the wrapping paper in the company colours like ANZ blue. So people can tell straight away where the gift is from.

What is Wrapping Paper?

Wrapper paper is a paper specially designed for gift wrapping. Usually, people will apply a ribbon on top of a wrapped gift. In Cubic promote, we can also customise ribbons with messages or logos printed on top.

How To Wrap a Present

The steps to wrap a present are simple.

  • Step 1 Make sure all price tags are removed. Try to remove them gently so no stains are left on the gift.

  • Step 2 Put the gift in a rectangular or square shaped box. Seal the lid with sticky tape.

  • Step 3 Roll out the wrapping paper on a flat surface.

  • Step 4 Position the box in the middle of the wrapper paper, top facing down.

  • Step 5 Completely cover the box in wrapper paper by taking one edge of the wrapper paper to the top of the box, covering it halfway, then roll the opposite side of the wrapper paper to the top of the box to the edge. Now cut the access paper.

  • Step 6 sticky tape the wrapping paper on the edge of the box so it is in place.

  • Step 7 Now we work on both ends of the box. We only need access paper long enough to cover 60% of the box on both ends, cut down all access.

  • Step 8 Push both ends of the paper inward, so they are tucked in.

  • Step 9 Fold the triangle folds on both ends of the boxes to the middle, then use sticky tape to secure.

FAQ on Wrapping Paper

Do you supply wrapping paper with logo printing?

Yes, this is what we specialise in. All wrapper paper can be entirely digitally printed with a logo or graphic. In addition, we can print any desired colour on the wrapper paper.

Does your wrapping paper come in spools or as sheets?

Standard wrapper papers are supplied in sheets. In addition, we can supply spools or rolls of wrapping paper on request.

Will you help me with a custom design if I can't do the graphics myself?

Sure, we have an in-house graphic designer who can help make your ideas become a reality.

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