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Promotional Yo-Yos

Buy Promotional Yoyo custom printed with your personalised design or company logo. Promotional Yoyo is a fantastic promotional item aimed at people of all ages. We carry a wide array of yoyos which are modern and colourful. In addition, our custom branded yoyos are a great item to promote your business fun and unique way. Imagine the excitement of promoting your brand while having fun playing with a classic toy you loved as a child.

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We Pad Print on Yo-yos

Your design or logo can be pad printed in spot colours on one or both sides of Yoyo. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can decorate your logo with a full-colour digital print result or laser engraving for wooden material.

A Great Kids or Adult Gift Idea

Promotional Yoyos are the perfect gift for many occasions. Consider using promotional yoyos at company events or school expos where you want to inject a sense of fun theme into your occasion. 

What is a Custom Yo-yo? 

A Yoyo is a classic toy made of a round piece of wood or plastic attached to a piece of string. You play with it by letting it rise and fall on the line string.

How to Care for Your Branded Yo-yos

As with all pad prints, the branding on the Yoyo will withstand daily wear and tear. However, sharp impacts onto the custom branded logo will damage the branding. Therefore, we also recommend users not scratch the logo as it will come off. For general use, though, your logo imprinted onto a yoyo should last two years, providing you with excellent marketing exposure for your brand.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Do you supply yoyos with custom printing?

Yes, we deliver products complete with your customised design or logo decorated on each Yoyo.

Do you supply yoyos with no custom decoration?

Yes, we can supply the item without branding or logo. Just inform our Sales Team about it!

What kind of tricks can you do with yoyos?

  1.  Walk the Dog
  2. Around the World
  3. Gravity Pull trick
  4. Rock the Baby
  5. The Breakaway

What colour are yoyos available?

White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue and Black

Fast Turnaround Delivery Times for Custom Orders

Our Promotional Yoyos are stocked right here in Australia, and they are ready to be personalised with your logo. Our standard turnaround time is two weeks, including delivery. However, if you require the products sooner, please let us know at the time of order, and we should be able to accommodate with a three-day production turnaround time.  

Image for pad printing on LED light up yoyo.
LED Light Up Yoyo


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