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Promotional Yo-Yos in Bulk

We sell yo-yos custom printed with your logo or graphic. Ideal for schools, community centers, and recreational centres. These classic toys not only offer a delightful way to engage audiences of all ages but also serve as a moving advertisement for your brand.

Cubic Promote stocks a wide range of yo-yos, from timeless designs to contemporary models, ensuring there's a perfect option for every audience and occasion.

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How We Custom Print Yo-Yos in Bulk

  • Full Colour Printing: Offers vibrant, detailed designs covering the entire surface, making your logo pop.
  • Laser Engraving: Provides a sophisticated, permanent mark, ideal for wooden or metal yo-yos.
  • Pad Printing: Perfect for precise, single-colour logos on curved surfaces, ensuring high visibility.

Product Recommendations

Promotional yo-yos are versatile and engaging items, ideal for various groups:

  • Corporate Events: Enhance brand visibility and add a fun element to corporate gatherings.
  • Schools and Educational Institutions: Serve as interactive learning tools or rewards for students.
  • Marketing Agencies: Utilise as nostalgic or playful elements in creative campaigns.
  • Toy and Hobby Stores: Offer customised yo-yos to collectors and enthusiasts.
  • Event Organisers: Provide memorable keepsakes for parties, trade shows, and community events.

Care Instructions for Custom Branded Yoyos 

To maintain your promotional yo-yos, keep them clean from dust and debris, store in a dry area to prevent string deterioration, and regularly check the yo-yo mechanism for smooth operation. For yo-yos with bearings, occasional lubrication may be necessary to ensure continued fluid movement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Printed Yo-yos

Can yo-yos be customised in any colour?

Yes, we offer yo-yos in various colours, with customisation options to match your brand identity.

What age group are promotional yo-yos suitable for?

They are versatile toys, suitable for children and adults alike, making them great for all-inclusive marketing strategies.

How long does the branding last on yo-yos?

With proper care, branded yo-yos can maintain their design for a long time, with durability depending on the chosen branding method.

Can I order yo-yos in bulk?

Yes, we only sell in bulk. Please speak to one of our sales agents for the minimum order required for this type of promotional product.

Are there different types of yo-yos available?

Yes, we stock a variety of yo-yos, from basic models for beginners to advanced versions for skilled users.

Image for pad printing on LED light up yoyo.
LED Light Up Yoyo


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